Raids are back!

G'huun is waiting for you!  After a few weeks of adjusting to life in Zuldazar, we will be heading into the heart of the beast and fighting and clawing our way thru the depths of Nazmir to defeat the Blood God.  As with all previous raids, Bolstering has come up with some criteria for joining … Continue reading Raids are back!

The Daughter of the Sea, #NotMyWarchief, and an Old Soldier

As we get ready for the launch of Battle for Azeroth, Blizzard has released the much-anticipated 'Warbringers' series of animatics (a term both interesting and applicable).  While we wait to get our toes wet along the shores of Zandalar, let's indulge a bit in the evolution of this pre-launch story. Jaina Say what you … Continue reading The Daughter of the Sea, #NotMyWarchief, and an Old Soldier