Gold Making for Newbies

“I have only a few days until my sub expires and I need XX amount of gold for a token”.  Sound like something you’ve said or thought to yourself?  The idea of making large sums of gold can feel like being asked to climb Mount Everest with no support team!



Fear not Bolstering, I have some tips and advice about how to reach your gold making aspirations!


Getting Started

Like most things in Warcraft, there are quality of life changes you can make by installing an add-on or two.  Most players are using some variety of add-on, whether it’s Deadly Boss Mods, Recount/Skada, Identity-2 or something like ElvUI.  All of these tools make playing the game easier, but are you familiar with the Economic add-ons?  Do yourself a favor and download Trade Skill Master (and it’s accompanying desktop component) or Auctioneer or something along those lines!  Their whole purpose is to give you a snapshot of what an item is worth on the Auction House, or help you post that item for the most appealing price.  These tools can be overwhelming to get set up, but there are so many great resources on youTube to help you get set up.  Below is one of my favorite youTube people for gold making and other regular in-game information.


The next most important resource that is a MUST use for increaseing your earning potential is the website The Undermine Journal (known as TUJ). This site is a database that tells you all kinds of useful information about each item or seller on any server.  For any given item you can see pricing trends, how much is on the market currently, and who’s been selling items in quantity.  In addition, TUJ will show you posting trends for sellers on the server of your choice.

Transmog and Battle Pets

Are you constantly on the hunt for a specific mount drop? Leveling an alt? Or do you just like blowing through old content to relax?   If you’ve answered ‘yeah, that’s me’ to the above questions this is a solid source of  gold.  I will say this though, Transmog and Battle Pets are NOT a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.  If you are pressed for time this section should be skipped.


There are countless videos on the subject of transmog farming, most of which are focused on making the most gold per hour or where to hunt for an elusive piece that has an amazing resale value. High value drops like the Glorious Legplates (Dire Maul/Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj) or Blade of Wizardry (Black Temple) may have an incredibly low drop rate, but those instances have many pieces that sell for anywhere from 20 gold to 5000 gold.  Volume is the key to being successful in transmog because only about 1% of what you have posted is likely to sell in a day. Most major players in transmog have hundreds if not thousands of items that they post… again, it’s not for everyone but there are copious amounts of gold to be had if you are willing to wait for your sweet pieces to sell.


Battle pets are another slow moving market, but there are many players who enjoy collecting the best stable of rare pets that they can find.  Most old raids have multiple battle pets, many of which are very desirable by collectors.  Viscidus Globule for example can sell for upwards of 10,000 gold. There are also many ‘farms’ for battle pets that have been given youTube love (like the Emerald Whelpling).    Level 25 battle pets tend to sell for a bit more than a level 1 pet will, but it is not usually worth the extra time investment to push a pet to level 25 if you intend on selling it.  TSM and TUJ are great sources for what pets have value.  OH, Shameless promotion here… Anyone wanna buy my cats?  I have the 13 tradeable cats needed for the “Crazy Cat Man/Woman” title????  Only 500k… It’s a good deal!

You know you wanna buy my cats!


Farming Materials, Crafting, Disenchanting, Obliterating

Gathering materials to sell on the Auction House (AH) is pretty self explanatory: go to zone; find materials; collect materials; put on AH; Collect gold in mail.  This is the most straightforward, low risk method to getting gold consistently.  BUT if you have one of the connected crafting professions, things get more intricate.


As a crafter you have more outlets for your items that you need to think about before putting them directly on the AH.  If for example you are a Tailor (or any one of Blacksmith, Leatherwork, Jewelcafting), you can make bracers, you can sell the bracers OR move them to an Enchanter to be disenchanted for Leylight Shards or Chaos Crystals OR you can take them to your Obliterum forge and turn them into Obliterum.  This is logic is called ‘Shuffling’.  You figure out which end result is most profitable, and send your resources that way.  If you’ve created Obliterum, it goes on the Auction house. If you have made Enchanting materials, the next step is to make enchants or sell these materials (depending upon which one is most profitable).


Although this strategy sounds complicated, there are once again a boat load of videos on the subject.  Take a quick peek at WTBGold’s video on the disenchanting shuffle.


Flipping and Sniping

Much like the Transmog market we spoke about earlier, endless gold exists if you are willing to put the time into the Auction House hunting for good deals.  Once again an auction house program like TSM will simplify your life, but I did a considerable amount of flipping and sniping before I started using an auction house add-on.


Flipping is very straight forward as a principle: Buy an item if it is more than 6% below the rest of the market and relist.  The 6% rule is necessary because the AH takes 5% as a fee, and your goal is to profit… obviously.  Usually flipping involves resetting the bottom of the market on an item.  Here’s a quick scenario for a market reset:

Cowculator has 1 shiny pebble for 4g

Shaayman has 2 shiny pebbles for 5g each

Wahyud has 1 shiny pebble for 6g each

Moosesmalone has 10 shiny pebbles for 10g each


In this situation you would buy out Cowculator, Shaayman, and Wahyud to be able to re-list your newly purchased Shiny Pebbles (although you know you want to keep them) for 9 gold 99 silver and 99 copper.  You have just undercut Moosesmalone while maintaining the lowest price on the market.  When these pebbles sell, you will have spent 20 gold of your own, with sales of 99 gold, 99 silver, and 90 copper.  Once the auction house takes it’s cut, you will be left with 94g 99s 90c which is a profit of 74 gold roughly provided that you sell the shiny pebbles the first time they are listed on the Auction House.


Sniping is similar to Flipping in that you are buying low and selling high at the extremes!  Sniping is buying something for an unreasonably low price and selling it for a larger profit.  Trade Skill Master has a function called ‘Sniper’ that you can set up to help you find items to buy, but we can discuss that at a later time.  Most big time Goblins (what goldmakers call themselves and their peers) live for a good snipe!


This has been a bit of a read, but hopefully you have seen something that peaks your interest in the realm of making more gold.  There are many, many more ways to make gold that can be discussed at a later date!  If you’d like more information about any of these topics or would like more information about these or other goldmaking ideas, leave me a comment or hit me up in game!