From Management: April 2017

Guild Admin Meeting: April 9, 2017

In Attendance: GT, Brad, Wendy, Ann, Bob, Tom, Mike, Aric

Missing: Patty, Lisa, Karl, Anthony (Twan), Don, Gary

Month in Review

  • Lack of participation in the 50/50 Lottery
    • finish April but cancel for future months (April only)
  • Guildies seem to be pretty engrossed in doing Broken Shores and getting ‘the chores’ done
    • realize that ‘team spirit’ seems to diminish when a new major patch is released
    • give a couple weeks for people to get their hands dirty in the new material before worrying about a lack of spirit
  • Looking for ideas / suggestions to keep our group working together
    • Portal farming guild event (Monday April 10: 8-10pm)
  • Encourage guildies to finish the 7 guild dungeons, 3 keystone dungeons, and 1 raid per week: helps to keep funds coming into the guild bank
  • Guildies are encouraged to ask for any help – quests, mythic runs, keystone runs, ANYTHING.  We’re here to help. (New ‘post’ on webpage for people to make requests)

Making considerations for Guild Progress Points – especially Mythic EN

  • will be making plans to gauge interest in pushing in this direction
  • may help with recruiting more raid-ready players

April Events

  • Old Content Raids = Guild Achievement Points (raids will be about numbers) Host = Lisa (?) or we’ll figure it out
  • Easter Week: Possibly fewer numbers this week so be flexible with expectations.
    • Raids may / may not happen but we’ll plan for them anyway

Good Ol’ Raiding

  • Progressions Raids still seem to be ‘stuck’ so we’re looking at ways to keep raids fresh and fun in light of stalled progression
  • Alt Raid Runs – may become the new ‘normal run’
    • renewed progression with new toons / new roles
    • need to plan a new night
    • bring alts, bring mains, bring whatever toon you want to play
    • no expectations and no promises but we will have some fun away from the progression grind
  • Raid Nights Dilemma
    • not allowing enough time for progression push
    • there is a need for more time for progression
  • Progression Raiding
    • Add a night to continue pushing content
      • more seem to be in favor of planning a second prog night rather than saving lockout
    • Other option = Save lockout
      • means gear loss / loss of momentum
    • Inc Raid Meeting (April 18 @ 7pm followed by normal fun raid run)

New Players / New Recruits

  • Need to build the guild
  • Also looking for more raiders
  • Important to keep a clear vision on what Bolstering is and what kind of guild we are but there is a desire to recruit with effective purpose
  • Keep an eye out for people you might think to be a good fit
  • Active Recruitment: Brad plans to start advertising in /2 trade but realize that it’s still hit and miss
    • we will find a few great new members
    • we will find a lot of trolls
  • Super Guild Invites will continue on a weekly basis

Welcoming New Guildies

  • Will be announcing Super Guild Invites so that current guildies have a chance to know that new members will be joining (and leaving) enmasse.
  • Reminder to keep guild chat fun, encouraging, and upbeat – but welcoming to new folks
  • Yes, we are off-color and we don’t want to filter our folks but we want new invitees to develop relationships before dragging them down to the gutter.  Give them an hour before you put ’em to the test 😀

If you have any suggestions or would like something discussed at next months meeting, please comment below.

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  1. I would possibly like to when people want/have time etc to possibly do mount runs. I like collecting mounts and battle-pets and be it is frustrating when things dont drop I feel it would be a fun thing to do when every has time or interest.


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