Guildie Request Help Line

Open ‘post’ for folks to comment below to make requests for

  • Quest Runs
  • Keystone Runs
  • Raid Carries
  • Gear Runs
  • Transmog Runs
  • Achievement Runs

We will be checking this feed periodically so, please, PLEASE, let us all know how we can help.

3 thoughts on “Guildie Request Help Line

  1. I’ve been gone awhile so no idea what Key runs are but I definately would like to run some dungeons etc as well as get myself geared up properly. I have a Shaman(Healer/DPS) LvL 100, Hunter(Beastmaster) Lvl 100 and a Warlock(Demon) LvL 40. Any advice and or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thnx 😀


  2. Keystones (aka Mythic +) are time based level 110 dungeons that have increasingly more difficult additions as the keystones rise in number (replacing the old Challenge Mode). Lots of folks in Bolstering gear their max level toons in Mythic + with guildies because at the end of each dungeon the loot has an item level depending on the time remaining on the keystone. For example, completing a dungeon with 40% of the timer would reward you with 3 chests that can contain gear at the end. They are fun, but can be stressful if you fixate on the time remaining!

    Leveling alts is something most of us do from time to time. Right now, I’m gearing alts that are at 110, but I do have a few toons sprinkled throughout the levels! If you want some company on your adventures, ask someone in guild… there’s usually an alt or two kicking around whatever level you are at. 🙂

    As to how to get leveled fast, it’s kind of debatable. There’s really no shortcut from 1-10, the only thing you can do to expedite the process is heirlooms. But that takes some gold to load up on ‘looms! From 10-15 I usually queue for battlegrounds while questing, there’s experience to be had in PVP… although you do have to win to really see massive experience gains! From 15-60 the fastest route is to spam dungeons, although some questing and PVP makes it a bit less tedious. I really wish I had an answer for levels 60-100 though, to be honest I usually need to boost the toon to 100 because my brains have melted from too many dungeons in too short of a time. I’m sure there are some guildies who have more effective methods to leveling, but it’s something for you to think about.


  3. Ahh..well thank you. That was very helpful. I guess I will just have to throw myself into the fire in order to try and get better gear. Lol
    I admit I hate puging dungeons due to 90% of the time or at least my experience has ended up with not completeing or rage quiting due to idiots. So, I will definately ask in guild beforehand.
    I will continue to try and run dungeons with you guys as well when you have space. I’m usually available on weekends and occasionally Wednesdays.
    Thank you for the info. I greatly appreciate it. 😀


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