Pandaria Fishing: A Month in Review

Final Tally:  11652 of 25000 fish

Total Giveaway: 163.8k in gold and prizes!

Feel free to see the comments below for a day-by-day summary of the month AND a big thanks to everyone who came out to help put a dent in this ridiculous achievement attempt.

Sadly, since the achievement isn’t complete, there won’t be a mount draw but keep your eyes open for a renewed attempt at Pandaria fishing later on this year.

May 18th Transmog Fishing Contest.  We met at the Brewery in the Valley of the Four Winds dressed in our best fishing attire.  Contest entry free was 100 fish.  So we upped our achievement counts and gave away a Jade Panther.  Congratulations on your win, Lisa.  Great ‘murloc’ mog. 🙂  Pics below.

“Cloud Fishing GT”
“Bikini Fishing Kily”
“Murloc Lisa”
Your Host – Wendy
“Tranquil Jake”

Tom (Bombeon) was there, but his elite fishing rod makes him invisible when fishing so – no pictures were successful. 🙂  (My lack of technical skills also played a role….)

Thanks folks.  Keep up the great work!

29 thoughts on “Pandaria Fishing: A Month in Review

  1. WINNER for May 1: Brad wins 10k!
    3 folks came out to fish at the pop-up fishing raid last night: GT, Brad and Don.
    Each were assigned a number according to the order in which they joined the raid. (GT = 1, Brad = 51, Don = 101)
    Random roll (by Fiddyfiddy) = 42 BRAD WINS!
    (Don forgot to send his fish but since he was in the raid and witnessed fishing, his name was entered anyway)

    I know it’s reset day and there is lots to do BUT, if you decide to participate in this achievement, remember to send your fish to Fiddyfiddy to guarantee your entry. No, you can’t just buy fish off the AH – I’m tracking the achievement numbers, not the fish send via in-game mail. 🙂

    Check back every day for more winner announcements. Congratulations Brad!


  2. WINNER for May 2: Tom wins a Jewelcraft Toy!
    We only had 2 entries yesterday (Tom and Amy) so it was just a matter of ‘heads or tails’ to determine the winner.
    A roll > 50 = heads / A roll < 50 = tails
    Fiddy rolls to determine whether heads or tails wins. = Fiddy rolls 88 = Heads wins
    Fiddy rolls for Tom first (his was the first entry in my mailbox). Tom rolls 74 (heads)
    Fiddy rolls for Amy second (hers was the second entry in my mailbox). Amy rolls 21 (tails)
    Congratulations Tom. I hope it's something you can actually enjoy 🙂

    Tonight is our open guild raid so I know there will be some people killing their way through Nighthold but, remember, you can fish anytime! All you have to do is send your catch to Fiddyfiddy to be entered in the daily draw. I check entries at 7am (server) and if you’ve sent your catch, you’re name is in the draw for the day before.

    We're already at 1200 / 25000! Keep up the great work.


  3. WINNER for May 3: Jake wins full set of Feral Druid Enchants!
    Four participants yesterday: Tom, Amy, Brad & Jake
    This one was easy – Amy, Tom and Brad have all been recent winners so – process of elimination – Jake wins!!

    While the enchants may not be useful right now, when that snazzy Tomb of Sargeras gear starts to drop, Jake will be ready to go! Congratulations Jake 🙂

    We’re getting close to 10% completion (2500) so every little bit is helping. Thanks to those who have participated and we’re hoping to see many more of you roaming through Pandaria fishing for guild achievement points. There will be more pop-up fishing raids over the next few days – one of which will include a fun drinking game for those who want to participate in a bit of imbibed fun!


  4. WINNERS for May 4: Tom, Jake & Kily take home hexweave and silkweave bags (one of each per winner)!
    We had 5 folks fishing for the Pandaren Angler Achievement: GT, Brad, Jake, Tom and Kily
    I just excluded the GMs and gave prizes to everyone else who helped out
    Congratulations and thanks for taking time to help out with another ridiculous guild endeavor!

    We’ve managed to pull up over 3k fish but, if we want to finish this by the end of the month, we need more people to get involved. It might seem silly but it is a great opportunity to get to know your guildies in a relaxed environment with no stress and very few mechanics. If you have any questions about this contest or how to get involved, ask Wendy, GT or Brad.

    There are plans on the calendar for this evening (Progression Raid) but it’s Friday so there is the possibility for some late-night shenanigans this evening. Stay tuned to guild chat to see if the pop-up drinking game fishing raid happens. I hope you’ll consider coming out to Pandaria to fish for just a little while 🙂


  5. WINNER for May 5: Pope wins Crusher Battlepet!
    We had four fisherfolk yesterday: Squirl, Pope, Brad and Tom
    Again, trying to encourage and reward new participants, we did heads or tails between Pope and Squirl. Heads = Pope wins, Tails = Squirl wins. GT literally tossed a coin and Pope wins!

    Thanks to all the folks that are helping towards this achievement – we’re up to 4700. I’m still hoping that more people will be able to find the time to come and help out as the month continues. A big thanks to Brad who kept me company for 4 hours last night – fishing, fishing, fishing! 🙂

    Have a great weekend folks!


  6. Fishing Update: Winners for May 6: Kily and Tom take home 2k each
    It’s been a slow weekend for fishing but we’ve breached the 20% mark. Over 5k done
    If you’re heading to Pandaria to fish, make sure to save the stuff you catch and send it all to Fiddyfiddy to enter in the daily draw. Keep up the great work! 🙂


  7. WINNER for May 7: Amy wins a designer Imbued Silkweave Bag and a knock-off Silkweave Bag 🙂
    Thanks to Tom. Don, Kily, Amy and Pope who all took some time out of their day to fish for Bolstering.

    Progress Update: We’re getting close to 6k fish so keep up the steady work. We might actually make 25k by the end of the month.
    Keep an eye out for coming ‘Fishing Transmog’ contests (with prizes) as we start to get into the middle of the month. Check the calendar for postings. AND – keep up the great work, gang!


  8. WINNER for May 8: Don wins 2.5k gold

    We continue to make steady progress thanks to a few regulars who always manage to find some time to commit. A big thanks to those folks but also a big thanks to anyone who gives of their time for no real reason – except to fish in Pandaria. We’ve brought over 6100 critters from the deep and will continue to fish until those 25k are up.

    Please take note of a new event on the in-game calendar. I’ll be hosting a Fishing Transmog Raid on May 18th at the secret fishing spot in Pandaria. Dress in your best fishing attire, fish 100 fish and you’ll be entered in an early mount draw. I don’t know what mount yet – but we’ll try to find something cool. The contest will run from 7pm-9pm with the giveaway happening that night.

    Keep up the good work, folks!


  9. WINNER for May 9: Tom wins a Kite toy and a snazzy Warlock glyph
    Two fishermen yesterday: Don and Tom
    Both these lads are putting a big dent into our fish count and their efforts are appreciated!

    6.3 k fish and counting 🙂


  10. WINNER for May 10: Kily wins a set of Resto Shaman Enchants!
    Three folks fishing yesterday: Tom, Don & Kily
    Keep up the good work folks. We’re up over 6.5k

    We’ll also aim for a big push on the 18th with a FIshing Transmog contest. I hope you’ll come out – even if you hate to fish 🙂


  11. WINNER for May 11: Wendy wins a ‘day off’ 🙂
    Jake, Tom and myself were all active fishers yesterday and jut for something new, I threw my name into the mix to win a prize.
    With a random roll (highest wins), Wendy rolled a 86. (Tom’s roll = 44, Jake’s roll = 39) The prize? A day off with no prize given today.

    We should push past the 7k mark today so keep up the steady progess.
    And don’t forget about the transmog fishing raid from 7pm-9pm on Thurs May 18 @ the secret fishing spot for the day.


    1. It’s easiest to maximize your time by fishing in the secret spot but any Pandaria catches sent to Fiddyfiddy will get you in on the daily draw. Let me know if you need some more details, Kily. I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible 🙂 You’ve been going great so far!


  12. WINNER for May 13: Amy wins 3 BM Hunter gems

    We continue to make steady progress and are pushing towards 8k fish. Keep up the good work and don’t forget about the Fishing Transmog contest on Thurs May 18. Hope to see lots of you out there!


  13. Congratulations to Tom – the ONLY fisherman yesterday – who takes home 2k.

    Please stay tuned for information regarding the upcoming Fishing Transmog Contest.
    Keep up the great work, fisher-people! 🙂


  14. Delayed Entry: Sorry 😦
    WINNERS: May 15: Patty wins ‘designer’ 30 slot bags X2 / May 16: Tom wins 5k
    It was a treat to see a new name on the list and I was happy to send some bags to Patty for her help. Tom continues to be a beast for this challenge and was the only one to submit again for May 16th so it made sense to up the prize.

    We’re close to 8.5k. Keep up the steady progress. Transmog contest tomorrow is still a go unless there is a lack of interest. I hope you’ll come! 🙂


  15. WINNER: May 17: Tom wins some money-making mats
    Thanks, Tom, with your consistent entries. I hope you can make a few coins with the enchanting dust, crystals and shards sent your way.

    We’re past 9k now. Just keep fishing! 🙂


  16. With the TMog contest on May 18th (and LISA taking home a Jade Panther), we didn’t do a daily draw SO –
    WINNER for May 19 = Amy takes 3k!

    We’re getting close to that 10k mark. Every little bit is helping. Thanks everyone.


  17. So – I’m not sure what day it is anymore and I have NO inspiration left for prizes. I’m so incredibly thankful for the ‘regulars’ that are participating in this push even though it’s quite clear that we won’t finish this month.
    Both Tom and Kily have received 1k for another couple days of assistance. Thanks, you two, for all the great work.
    10 more days of prizes – keep up the good fight, folks! 🙂


  18. WINNER for May 22 – Wendy wins another day off! 🙂
    Two fisher-people on Monday – Tom & Wendy. Im just trying to spread the winnings around at this point.
    Just a few days left – thanks for all the work you do towards these guild achievements. It means a lot to see who participates in building up this great guild of ours!


  19. WINNER for May 23 – Tom wins Haste / Int enchant set!
    …there’s always Tom 🙂 And while he’s an accomplished enchanter on his own, it’s always nice to have a set for yourself stashed away when the new gear starts to emerge with a new raid on the horizon.
    We have pulled up over 10k fish so far and it’d be great to get one final push in for the end of the month. If you have time, go fish a little. Pandaria is a beautiful place to visit 🙂
    (On a side note, big props to Don who hosted some old dungeon runs to get Bolstering to 1600 guild points)
    Keep up the great work!


  20. WINNER for May 24 – Tom gets to adopt a Chaos Pup!
    We’re still fishing! Only a few more days to get involved and enter to win a daily prize.
    Hang in there! 🙂


  21. WINNER for May 25 – Tom (who doesn’t seem to sleep at nights right now anyways) wins a Steamy Romance Novel kit 🙂
    Just a few days left to fish in Pandaland – give the guild achievement a couple minutes if you can.
    We’re almost through the month. Thanks folks!


  22. Weekend Warriors: Tom and Wendy each received a stack of Whispered Pact Flasks
    The fish keeps coming, the count keeps rising and, as we near the end of the month, we’ve made a good dent in a very challenging achievement.
    3 more days of fishing! Don’t forget to send your entry ‘catch’ to Fiddyfiddy to enter the last 3 daily draws 🙂


  23. WINNER for May 29: Tom receives a set of Lock gems (haste and crit)
    Having a few enhancements ready to go for the coming ToS raid will, hopefully, keep Tom’s spirits high while he continues to fish through to the end of the month.
    Thanks for your tireless efforts Tom!


  24. Looks like we’ve finally hit burn out as no one submitted fish on May 30th or 31st.
    Stay tuned for an update to summarize the month.


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