From Management: May 2017

In attendance: GT, Brad, Wendy, Don, Gary, Ann, Karl, Tom

Missing: Bob, Lisa, Aric, Patty, Twan, Mike

The Highlights:

  • Great work pushing Guild Achievement points.
  • Big 50/50 giveaway to Amy – great to be able to give away so much to a special team member
  • Mount giveaway helped to get some more people looking at our webpage – and thanks Ann for making the mount
  • Progression Raiding: 6/10.  Killing Botanist was greatly refreshing!  A great team effort 🙂

Things we’re seeing

  • GM Burnout: GT, Brad & Wendy are putting in a lot of work into their respective areas to help with guild event / environments
  • Going to lean on officers to help with regular guild management and maintenance
  • Google Doc created to help divide up the work load of running a guild and get officers more involved and invested in ‘their’ guild
  • Posting ilvl: if a guildie is interested, invite them to post their ilvl in their guild notes
    • this will help identify you as someone who is interested in running dungeons (of all levels) and raiding
    • if you’re running a group and are looking for a guildie to join, post the ilvl that you’re looking for in your invitation.

Raid Breakdown

  • GMs continue to do everything we can to make raids available on a weekly basis using the information that our members have provided
  • Raids are slow / regularly being cancelled
    • largely due to a lack of interest / player burnout
  • There is a concern that we might see a lack of interest carry over into ToS but we’re hopeful that we’ll see a strong return when 7.2.5 opens

2 thoughts on “From Management: May 2017

  1. I just have to say…you guys are truly unique and amazing. No, I’m not saying this because I want something nor kissing up. I’m saying this because from my own personal experience in the past you guys truly do an amazing job …You hold down real life jobs and what nots as well as still hold strong to this guild and guildmates. Its been really a breath of fresh air to come on to the game after a long frustrating, stressful what have you day and all of you GM’s and Officers are always helpful and pleasant and supportive. Keep going strong Bolster Peeps. 😀


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