Bolstering Beat: Volume 1

Greetings Bolstering, and welcome to the first ever Bolstering Beat!  The idea here is to give everyone a chance to see what’s up with our guild in a less formal setting.  Some of it might be informative… but not likely!


Out of Legendaries!  Folks, Karl and John are officially out of legendaries to acquire for their Main Specs.  From all of us, you two suck congrats! That is a lot of RNG to fight through, but you have persisted.  I guess you guys can still only wear 2 though, which seems like a bit of a ripoff!


We continue to work towards the Stay Classy achievement to open up our 8th guild bank vault.  At the moment we need many more max level Monks of all kinds (except Pandaren, we have lots of Panda Monks).  If you are leveling an Alt, and aren’t sure what race to play, take a look and see if what your next toon to level can fill in one of the classes and races we need for the achievement. Update: Blood Elves completed!  Brad bit the bullet and race changed from Pandaren to Blood Elf in the name of achievements.  If you are a Monk with some gold to spare or a few nickels in your real life change jar, I guess you could always do that as well.


Pandaren Fishing Extravaganza!  May has been deemed as the month that we will attempt to fish all of the pools in Pandaria to acquire 25,000 fish.  Our biggest and best fish catchers are out and about catching hundreds a day and winning prizes… have you caught your limit?  Wendy’s post is updated daily with winners here.  Also related to Fishing, Tom has acquire his 100th Underlight Angler fishing rod (give or take a few).  That’s a whole lotta fishing Tom, nice work!

Brad, Tom and Don getting it done in Pandaria

Raiding updated.  Bolstering’s progression group has gotten back on the progression train and made some strong gains after 4 weeks of being stuck on Botanist.  The group downed Botanist last weekend on the 5th pull and this week went on to Tichondrius and downed the big oaf on the second pull.  As noted, we only started making progress once Gary (Noraline) was able to re-join the progression group… see we knew all along we needed more Hunters!  Bolstering has created a petition to allow Cowculator’s pet Barkbark be invited to raid without the Tauren, as he does 65% of the overall damage for Cowculator which would open up a spot for Wahyud to return to raiding… So far Blizz has not returned our calls! Updates to follow (hopefully).

The Officers had a meeting on Saturday… well, actually it was mostly 2 hours of the Officers having to listen to me talk.  Seems like cruel and unusual punishment… No one cried into their mics, so I guess it wasn’t that bad!  If you missed the notes, check them out.

Re-enactment of Officers listening to GT through Saturday’s meeting


If you are curious about everything happening on the Public Test Realm (PTR) for the upcoming 7.2.5, jump on over to the battlenet website.  If you can’t be bothered, check out Panzer’s 39 things.


In other Blizzard news, this week’s patch saw an update to the player home page on the Battlenet website.  Hat tip to Tom for linking this to us on the Facebook page (you should join this if you haven’t already). To see what’s new, check out this link.  Gotta admit, this is a much better way to see your progress than the previous iteration.


Jukebox Hero!  Here’s a song just because… I mean sometimes you just need a song to motivate you or get you to push through the next AP level.  This song probably won’t be that one, but it might just be something different from your normal rotation!