Stay Classy: The adventure continues!

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s been kicking about in guild over the last 2 weeks that we have found another major challenge for ourselves.  The Stay Classy achievemnt unlocks the 8th tab of the guild bank.  If you’ve seen the guild bank lately, you can see that we NEED the last tab… It’s a huge disaster!

How Far Along Are We?

At this moment, we have completed Classy Blood Elves (thanks to Brad race changing his Monk), and Classy Orcs (Brad finishing a Rogue and Karl capping a Monk).  We have really dug in on Trolls (Don’ Priest and Mage, Wendy’s Hunter), Taurens (Wendy has a 110 Monk now), and Goblins (Wendy race changed her Priest, GT’s mini Death Knight and micro Warrior).  Odds are, more folks have taken to this achievement, but have gone unmentioned but THANK YOU for helping with this crazy task!



What’s Left?

Here’s the fun part!  We are down to a mere 6 characters, here’s the list:

Tauren- Priest

Troll- Monk

Undead- Monk

Goblin- Warlock (Mike is working on this one)

Pandaren- Rogue (Kyle is working on this one), Warrior


If you have one of the remaining classes, please let us know so that we don’t do something like Race Change an already capped toon and steal your leveling glory!


5 thoughts on “Stay Classy: The adventure continues!

    1. Good to know, Kily. I was going to do another race change just to make it go away. I didn’t think anyone wanted to level another priest. But if you’ve got one ready to go – have at it and let us know how we can help. (Do every invasion you can) 🙂


  1. I have a goblin lock and a 100 boost I’ve yet to use. I can certainly do that for this piece!


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