Bolstering Beat: Vol. 2

Hey Bolstering, GT back again with some more Guild and WoW news of interest.


Guild News

On the raid front, we have moved from Normal Nighthold to Heroic on our open raid night. We noticed that there was very minimal interest in running the raid on Normal, so we thought that we would up the ante and bring anyone interested into Heroic. Our first run was this week, and we managed to down 6 of the 10 bosses inside the 90 minutes we had to raid. That’s a pretty great feat given that our Progression group is only 7/10 collectively (of course many folks have pugged their Ahead of the Curve: Gul’dan achievements already). The progression group will be picking up where the open raid left off in the hopes of making progression more about new bosses than it is about clearing up to our progression point. The raiding goal is to have the AOTC: Guldan Feat of Strength for the guild before Tomb of Sargeras opens in a few weeks (or month, whatever Blizz decides). Oh and I guess, sometime soon we should go back into Trial of Valor and finish up Heroic Helya for that Achievement as well.


Here’s a a couple videos from Thete Gaming about priming for the upcoming Tomb of Sargeras raid if you feel that you need a bit more preparation from the ground up.


Speaking of Guild Achievements, Don put together a quick run through a few of the Classic dungeons to give us 50 guild points to bring us to 1600! If you see some achievements you think we can do as a group, reach out to Don (Funkotron), he’s the man! Great work Don, can’t wait to see how many points we can get just by hanging out around Azeroth!

Quick update to Stay Classy. We’ve now completed Taurens! Our current needs are Undead Monk, Troll Monk, Goblin Warlock, and Pandaren Rogue. The list looks much more manageable now, thanks for all the efforts to give us another bank tab! Side note on bank tabs, I’ve been using materials from the bank for some AH action and have been able to put around 300k into the bank this month! The bank is closing in on it’s first MILLION! We will find some kind of giveaway for that moment!

World of Warcraft News

Concordance of the Legionfall was buffed this week as youTuber Mmrrggll shows us here. I guess it means less grinding? Or MOAR grinding? I dunno, but it seems like this is a very, very nice little change for all of us!


The end of Legion is something that many people like to theorize about, and many folks have suggested the demise of our Weapons will be a result of having to destroy them to vanquish the last boss of the expac.  Here’s an alternative end game scenario from SoulSoBreezy.  It’s a unique idea, and does take an open mind but totally worth thinking about.


For anyone who enjoys farming Legion Materials, WTBGold put up a tidy guide on each item that folks farm for on the Isles!


And finally, some music… This one goes out to the Emerald Nightmare runners from this week, ENJOY!




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