Bolstering Beat vol. 3: AOTC edition

This is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do outside of the game!  It’s time to round up all that’s interesting in Bolstering and the World we play in!




After countless hours of raiding, the progression raiders of Bolstering finally managed to knock Gul’dan out in Heroic Nighthold.  Going into this past week, our guild was 7/10 in Heroic with only Spellblade, Elisande, and Gul’dan left to kill for the 10/10 clear.  After a last minute raid schedule change, we decided to scale up our open raid from Normal to Heroic.  It was a fun evening of increased challenges where we managed to clean out 6 bosses.  It was a good chance for our newer or lesser experienced raiders to see the difficulty change from Normal to Heroic!  Hopefully everyone had fun and that we all want MOAR of this level of difficulty, because, you know… better loots!! Haha.


On Friday night, we took an incredibly small 10 man group into Heroic, and decided to take an  honest look at Spellblade (who we’ve been avoiding for months), and wouldn’t you know it, ONE SHOT!  After cutting down Botanist, we took a couple of brief looks at Elisande and decided to revisit that on Sunday!


Sunday was THE day!  We gathered our forces, and went into Nighthold with an ‘AOTC or Bust’ mentality.  It took a couple of tries to get Elisande down, but we managed to navigate the rings just well enough to move on to Gul’dan!  In true Bolstering fashion, we were apprehensive about the next boss up… and ONE SHOT!  It may not have been the cleanest fight ever, but the guild is officially 10/10 H in Nighthold!




Since we had an hour left in our allocated raid time, we decided to run into Trial of Valor and see if we could finish up Heroic Helya after not looking at her for a couple of months (mostly because ‘Helya sucks’).  As it turns out, the instance is nowhere near as difficult as we remembered it and we quickly ran through the instance with only one reset on Helya to achieve a SECOND GUILD AOTC for the evening!  Special thanks to Charles for swapping from DPS to Tank for that run…. it wasn’t that bad, was it?


As a result of our incredibly night, we have elevated our standing on the realm from the 120th ranked guild on the server to the 73rd with regards to raid content.  A huge thank you to Brad for leading us to success with his outstanding fight calling; Karl for being an awesome tank who all of us aspire to be like (how many of us have started leveling tanks because of this guy’s mad skills?); Bob for being an incredibly level-headed melee lead who’s always there to help with tactics or new ideas; Aric for being a voice of reason (and sometimes contrarian when needed), and being a source of knowledge for any healer or ranged DPS who need it; and last but not least, Wendy for constantly monitoring HPS, having input to help the other healers, and finally… being the only person to have ALL of the mechanics, all the time!  You guys rock!!


Beyond raiding, our Month of Panda fishing is coming to an end.  Many people have dipped their bobber in the water, and helped us nearly reach 12,000 fish!  If you are wondering what kind of prizes and stuff we’ve been giving away this month, take a look at the comments from this post.  In case anyone was wondering, Wendy finally caught her Pandaria Sea Turtle mount after what must be 10,000 casts, congrats!



Keeping on Guild Achievements, we’re down to the final 2 for Stay Classy.  We are only looking to finish the Pandaren Rogue, and Goblin Warlock for the unlocking of the 8th guild bank tab.  Great work folks!


WoW news and other fun stuff


There has been more information about the new Legendary Rings that will be dropping with the 7.2.5 patch.  Here’s Mike from Preach Gaming with an update.



Before Blizzard nerfs this into the ground, here’s a great method to level an alt using a spot in Stormheim during an invasion to get incredible XP gains!  Inevitably, it will get hotfixed, but Asmongold has the details here

In case you feel like your Legendary Drops are low, make sure you check out SignsOfKelani‘s video on 8 ideas to speed up your legendary generation.




This week it seems like a good week to mellow out and enjoy the sites.  One thing I really enjoy listening to while running random dungeons or farming materials & transmog is songs covered by other artists, specifically acoustic covers.  Now this song isn’t a huge out-cross as former Staind frontman Aaron Lewis has gone country with some great albums under his belt!  I present Aaron Lewis covering Chris Stapleton’s Whiskey and You (sorry for the profanity at the end).



Have fun and keep helping each other out!