Bolstering Beat vol. 4

Greetings everyone!  How about we take a look at some happenings around the World of Warcraft.


Guild Happenings

Class mounts are now a reality for all of us players.  I’ve only done the hunter one, but with 5 110s, I’m sure at some point I will work my way through.  Which mount and quest line has been your favorite to acquire and use?


Bolstering is CLASSY! The final characters were leveled, and we have officially added an 8th bank tab as a result of obtaining the Stay Classy achievement.  Thanks to Mike and Kyle for jumping on the Goblin Warlock and Pandaren Rogue, those were 2 really, really undesirable combinations apparently!  The 8th tab is mainly for prizing, but any item of great value can be placed in there as well (epic BoE’s or expensive transmog).


Just a reminder, the items in the guild bank are there for folks to use. If there are items you can use, take them… within reason of course! Just as an example: if you are leveling alchemy and notice that we are low on pots or flasks, reach out to an Officer and offer to make some stuff for the bank.  They will be more than happy to get enough mats for you to help stock up the bank!


We are looking for more feedback on impromptu raids.  Each week, we have run one or two raids on a night where people seem to be around (mostly Legion, but sometimes Draenor).  Is this something that you want to see more of, or would you rather see these raids on the calendar?


World of Warcraft News

Blizzard spent some time putting together another Developer Q & A.  They did not address any class related things, but this video does give you a bit of insight into what’s happening in patch 7.2.5.  It’s very, very long though!


Kelade gives us a tribute to Draught of Souls, which has been smashed with the nerf hammer recently to the tune of a 40% reduction in damage…. RIP!


A couple of weeks ago, the biggest trend on r/wow was the ‘hole-in-one’.  Here’s one to see what everyone was talking about.


In case you wanted to live in the future, like all the way into 7.3, BellularGaming has a look at what is known about Argus.


Lastly, but not leastly (is that a word?), the Patch 7.2.5 notes are on the World of Warcraft website! Click here to see them. Here’s the highlight from the Windwalker Monk section below


Some Music to Quest to!


James Corden is incredibly talented!  His show features top celebrities of all backgrounds cruising around singing to popular music.  This week he had Ed Sheeran singing some songs, telling some stories and generally having a blast!