Bolstering Beat vol. 5: 7.2.5!

Just a quick one today folks, we will be taking a look at what you need to know for today’s patch!


IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT RAIDING COMING!  Brad has been working away at preparing for Tomb.  Just like all previous tiers, we will be running an open guild raid on Wednesdays with Progression on Friday and Sunday.  Check the calendar for any and all meetings and relevant information about upcoming raids!


On the PVE side, Exiled Power showcases 30 things about the new patch.  This is by no means a ‘how to 7.2.5’ but it is an overview of all of the new content and changes that are happening.

For PVP our eyes turn to Method Cdew for a walk-through on the bigger changes to each class. This video is a bit dull and contains some mature language that some viewers may find offensive, but Cdew highlights the biggest changes and gives his thoughts on some of them.

If you need some advice on gold making, look no further than Hazelnuttygames who gives us 5 things to keep an eye on for 7.2.5.

Let’s say you aren’t into raiding and still want to have a blast in the game… Look no further than Preach Gaming for an internal perspective on how to decide what to play for fun!


To reflect on what was 7.2, SoulSoBreezy talks about that and many other things in his weekly summary.  He talks about a variety of topics in this video ranging from his token giveaway contest to the Legiofall campaign.


And finally, here’s a little tune to listen to while unraveling the ball of new content!  Stepping back a couple years to pull out some influencial artists of their genres collaborating on a piece.  Why this one you ask?  ‘Cuz ‘Can’t stop, won’t stop’!