Getting Ready for ToS

We’ve taken down Gul’dan and extinguished the Nightwell, and soon The Nighthold will pass into memory.  Let’s just say that it’s about damn time for some exciting new content.  Enter Tomb of Sargeras – releasing on June 20th.  Bolstering is planning to take our first bite on June 21.

With every new raid release in Legion, Bolstering has taken a progressively aggressive approach.  The proof?  We AotC’d Xavius 3 days before the achievement expired; we AotC’d Helya & Gul’dan 3 weeks before the achievement expired.  So, the plan is to jump into ToS with both feet – knowing that we can’t totally see what waits for us until we get our feet wet.

We are looking forward to a raid that brings a fresh start to get as many new folks into some new content with new mechanics.  We’re feeling hopeful that our raid group will continue to grow as we push into Tomb of Sargeras as a team.

No changes to raid times.  Open Guild Raids will be on Wednesday @ 7:30 / 1st Progression Night: Friday @ 8pm (continue from Wed) / 2nd Progression Night: Sunday: 7:30 (fresh heroic)

The one MAJOR change that we’ll be implementing for ToS is a ‘No Sign Up – No Raid’ policy.  We NEED to know who is planning to come so that we can build a raid around our guildies.  We CANNOT guarantee you a raid spot if you don’t sign up.  Raids will be starting on time and we’ll be inviting the folks who have signed up – and then we’ll be filling the raid spots with pugs.  Bottom line: sign up if you want a raid invite.  Even if you sign up as ‘tentative’, as long as you’re online at start time – you’ll get an invite.  Note: We won’t be kicking pugs for guildies who don’t sign up or show up late.


890+ ilvl for open raid

We will continue to provide feasts & cauldrons but you should also bring your own preparations.  Please stock pre-pots, runes, and ‘backpack snacks’ for your own use.

Raid Organization

Tank Plans: Karl (main), Saint (off-tank), Trey as ‘third’, John as ‘fourth’

Healing Plans: Brad, Wendy, Jon, Mike, Don (when available)

Raid Captains: Karl (tank), Brad (heals), Bob (melee dps), GT (ranged dps)


Finally, we are asking ALL those who want to head into ToS to be prepared and while FATBOSS isn’t the only source for fight run-downs, they are a great source.  Here’s some vids for the first 3 fights.  It’s time folks – git gud!




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