Bostering Beat vol. 6: Toooomb!

Ello Bolstering!  Tomb of Sargeras opens today which brings an end to Tier 19.  It seems as though we’ve been in Nighthold forever… bring on the new raid, and the new Tier 20 gear sets!


Legendary items now drop at item level 970.  This means there’s a new quest line to upgrade current legendaries from 940 to 970.  Get ready for another grind, sigh.


Guild News


After a solid Saturday afternoon of achieving, we have almost reached 1800 guild achievement points.  Don. Sandy, Ann and John went off to some older content and racked up almost 100 points from old dungeons.  They were spamming guild chat with both personal and guild achievements.  Great work folks!


The raiders assaulted Heroic Nighthold one more time and helped get 8 more Ahead of the Curve: Gul’dan achievements.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this run, especially Brad who continues to ‘herd the kittens’ every single week in our raid adventures!


We had a raid meeting on Saturday night where Brad delivered all of the critical information we need for raiding in the Tomb of Sargeras.  The meeting notes can be found here.  I’m sure most of us are looking forward to some new content!


World of Warcraft


Buffs and Nerfs continue almost daily.  Check them out on wowhead.


If you want some lighthearted raid prep, here is an excellent source. It may look ridiculous, but it does actually cover all of the core mechanics!  Potato FoSho has a quick video for each of the bosses in a playlist. (contains mature language)


Most of what’s going on around WoW can be summarized by regularly watching SoulSoBreezy. Take a look for yourself at this past week’s content!


If you are into PvP, youTube legend Swifty battled Method Venruki in 2 v. 2.


Preach Gaming presents us with an issue that he sees happening in the game… do you agree with him?


This week’s music salute!


I was looking for satire, but at the end of the day I ended up with this… The video LA punk band FIDLAR’s 40oz. on Repeat weaves many iconic 90’s videos seamlessly together.  There are many videos that contain ‘tributes’ (in one shape or another), but this one really delivers something a bit more organic.  Hope you can get a chuckle or two!