Am I a “Progression Raider”?

With the release of Tomb of Sargeras, the new raid and its challenging new content has everyone wanting  a look at it.  And we want to get as many people as possible in there.

We are not a ‘Progression Raiding Guild’.  It’s important that we say this because we are a social / casual guild.  We will always offer at least one Open Raid per week (currently scheduled for Wednesday @ 7:30pm) to allow more casual players a chance to get into ToS.  However, we have a wide variety of players with a wide array of play styles, so we need to provide opportunities for every level player in our guild.  So, for players who are looking to challenge themselves beyond the regular content, we are going to continue to push ‘progression’.

So, how do you know if you’re a progression raider?

  • DPS Requirements: (melee and ranged) – sustained 500+kdps
  • Healer Requirements: In truth, we’ve developed a solid healing core (Brad, Wendy, Don, Jon, Mike) so we’re not actively looking for progression healers.
  • Tank Requirements: Again, we have found a really solid core duo (and we’ve even got a stellar back up) with Karl leading and Saint (off-tank) and Trey (stand in).

But there are also some ‘soft skills’ required to be a successful progression raider:

  • Self-Evaluation: How did I die?  Was I in control of the damage I took?  Did I deal with mechanics specific to me?  Was I aware of my surroundings?  If you can’t understand how you died in an encounter and how / why that happened, you might not be ready for progression raiding.
  • Patience: Did we wipe because of your mistake?  Learn from it.  Did we wipe from someone else’s mistake?  Learn from it.  Did someone say something unnecessary?  Forgive them.  Did you say something to demoralize another player?  Apologize.  Progression only happens when we work together as a team.
  • Trust: You need to know your role and how to best contribute to team success.  If you know what YOU need to do, then trust in the rest of your team.  Trust your tanks to deal with the stuff that tanks need to – and let Karl lead this group.  Trust your healers to do the very best that they can – help them out by watching your own mechanics.  Trust that your melee know how to deal with the close range elements and that your ranged dps are going to manage the adds at range.  You can’t deal with a boss encounter on your own; trust in your team.

All this is in an effort to develop consistency both in our individual player growth AND as a raid team.  Progression is incredibly difficult when players cannot bring consistency – both in performance and attendance.  So, we’ll continue to build a strong progression raid team that will, in turn, bring some greater success to our Open Guild Raids and our more casual guildies.

If you have any questions, please contact any of our raid captains and, remember that when you ask for suggestions, we will give them – and it will always be meant as constructive criticism.  Take it for what it is.

Raid Captains

  • Brad: Raid Lead
  • Karl :Tanking
  • Wendy: Healing
  • Bob: Melee DPS
  • GT: Ranged DPS

Finally, here’s a video from Preach Gaming that is a nice summary of the Progression Raiding Mindset.


4 thoughts on “Am I a “Progression Raider”?

  1. For those of you wanting to know where you can see your throughput numbers, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link to raid logs. The most recent logs for the most recent content is where you can find all sorts of details about your throughput, your deaths, your mechanics, and all sorts of other raid performance info.


  2. Just one more piece on our ‘Progression Group’.

    If you have not raided in our guild on a regular basis, we will not likely be bringing you into a progression run. A large part of our success as a guild is the result of having a knowledge of what each other is going to do. This knowledge can only be obtained from running with each other in many instances. For example, our melee group can set up and maintain their own interrupt rotation without having Brad assign them… It didn’t happen overnight, but that’s how well they know and trust each other to get the job done.

    If you are interested in joining the push for the next AOTC it really comes down to running with the guild as often as possible so that we know your tendencies.

    Have fun out there!


  3. No matter if you are interested in progression group or casual raiding but have questions about ‘how did I die’, or ‘why are my numbers low’, or ‘I don’t understand a mechanic’ please reach out to us! This content is new, and we are all likely to learn something from the experience!


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