Bostering Beat: vol. 7 ToS, 7.3 and more (contains spoilers)

Heya Bolstering, it is once again time to take a look at what’s happening in our guild and around World of Warcraft!


In Guild

The open guild raid on Wednesdays is making some really strong progress.  We started the tier by downing 6 bosses in week one, and 8 bosses in week two.  If you look back, you can see that our guild continues to get stronger and stronger with regards to raiding!  Emerald Nightmare took almost 2 months to get the first 5 bosses down, and Nighthold took 2 weeks to get 6 bosses down.  Hopefully our upwards trajectory continues as we push towards the big meany Kil’jaeden!  The progression team will be picking up at Kil’jaeden on Friday with the Heroic run on progression no later than Sunday once again.


Moreover, the first Heroic run this past Sunday was challenging to say the least. Goroth fell on the first pull, but that Demonic Inquisition is something else!  This week we are going directly to the Naga bosses after Goroth and delay the confessions for a few moments!  If you are wondering about how we create our progression group be sure to check out this post.


Last thing about raiding, promise!  Keep your guild mates in mind when rolling on loot… If you have already won a piece of gear out of a raid on an open roll and there’s a piece up for grabs that  isn’t your absolute best in slot, think about letting someone else get an upgrade.  It takes a whole raid of geared folks to kill bosses, not just one person with good RNG.  The Karma from that action will come back around!


Don’t forget to do your weekly quest this week, it’s 4 mythic dungeons for a piece of Heroic Tomb of Sargeras gear (915 ilvl).  If you want some company on your dungeoning experience, ask in guild… someone likely has a toon or 2 to run them on!


There will be a mount giveaway on the website upcoming, keep your eyes peeled for that post.  We have a Depleted Kyparium Rocket to give to one lucky guildie!


World of Warcraft- contains spoilers!!!!

The race for the World First Mythic Kil’jaeden kill is afoot.  On day 1, Big Dumb Guild jumped out and killed 5/9 bosses to hold the lead in the WF race.  It really didn’t take Method that long to catch up and surpass the surprising US-Illidan guild and take down SEVEN bosses in 2 days.  If you want to keep up to date on the race, Method has great coverage with links to WF boss kills as they become available! -WF race coverage


7.3 has already hit the PTR, that didn’t take long at all did it?  There are so many fascinating things that dataminers and other testers are uncovering!  If you don’t want spoilers, don’t click this video from Asmongold


If you want to look at some of the new mounts, click the video from Taliesin & Evitel Do Games.  If not, don’t click on it… it’s your life, I’m not gonna tell you what to do!


Something a little lighter and airier, Hotted89 and previously featured Asmongold got together and talked about their favorite 5 raids of all time.  It’s a long video, but I enjoyed listening to it as background noise while running Maw of Souls back to back to back to back with the boys for the weekly!  If you like these 2 guys, check out their Allcast with Rich Rodriguez and a different special guest every episode on youTube.  Previous guests have included pvp legend Swifty, Method head Sco, and the one and only Preach.


Patriotic Music for a Special Weekend!

Canada Day and the 4th of July this weekend, time to celebrate!

From the Canadians, we offer up the final song performed by The Tragically Hip.  Lead singer Gord Downie and the band hung up the guitars this year as Gord is terminally ill with Brain Cancer.  This is his farewell to the music world as an artist, captured from many perspectives across the country!  Ahead by a Century! Happy 150th Canada


On the Fourth, the Americans will celebrate their nation in grand style!  One of America’s great musical treasures is The Boss, Bruce Springsteen!  Let’s give a great shout out to mega-hit Born in the USA!  Happy 4th everyone!