Pop Up Giveaway!

Hey folks! We have another pop up giveaway for all of our guildies!

In the past we’ve done transmog for prizes, limmericks for loot, and fishing for daily rewards. This time we’re asking for your opinion… But first, what are we giving away?

The guild has found a steal of a deal on a Depleted Kyparium Rocket and we are looking to give it to someone at random who submits a response to this skill testing question:

Bolstering, what is your favorite RAID of all time and why is it your favorite?

Again, this contest is about answering the question and creating conversations about the most fun raid you’ve seen in World of Warcraft. It can be one from this expansion, one that was challenging or fun when it was current, or just one you enjoy running after you’ve outgeared it!

Once you’ve answered please come back and see if there are other raids you want to chat about. Part of why we have this website is to allow all of us to chat outside of the game.

The contest is open from now until the 15th. The draw will be done on the 16th and announced as a message of the day!

I’m looking forward to seeing what raids you all enjoy!

Keep having fun out there.

14 thoughts on “Pop Up Giveaway!

  1. Man, I know this is probably because of my limited playing from Vanilla to now, but Molten Core will always hold a special place in my heart.

    I remember getting my very first epic piece of gear, sweaty, trembling as I roll need for it. I think it was the Cenarion Belt, and the full set would soon follow, but it was a hell of a thing to have then.

    I loved how difficult it was. The precise nature of the pulls, the stacked bosses, everything. Onyxia, who also held a Tier 1 piece, could easily be added to it. It was a simpler time, but it will still always be my favorite.


    1. I’m going to agree with MC. It’s what really got me to love raiding. I kind of miss the times when trash was relevant – you had to assign tanks to each trash mob, use CC, etc. The epic grandeur of Ragnaros. Follow that up with folks standing around Orgrimmar to socialize and show off the gear they were wearing!

      Honorable mention goes to Naxxramas during WOTLK, because that was when I started being a raid leader. Our time there culminated our guild getting the “Undying” achievement (kill all bosses & trash without any raid member dying), and I use that title on all my characters to this day.


      1. It got me to love raids, as well. And, this was the first time I really saw people losing their minds on simple mistakes. There are very difficult pulls, especially the Baron Geddon-Shazzrah pull. We would all sit in the Garr location and let a hunter go and pull Geddon as Geddon was reaching his closest point to the tunnel. One time, the hunter pulled both at once, and, jokingly, said, ‘You wanted one boss, but I am bringing you two.’ People absolutely flipped. I laughed it off as what it was, a wipe. But, people were so serious and angry. It really opened my eyes to how serious the game was to some people.

        You are right about the trash, though. There were specific instructions on how to handle each and every pull. And, if you didn’t do it, it would easily cause a wipe. And trash respawned, so if you wiped on, say, Sulfuron, odds were that that was the end of the raid, as you would have to almost clear back to your bodies. It was a great time to be a feral druid; who could sneak past the trash and battle rez some priest and save your raid.


  2. For me, hands down it would be Nax. I was playing Rokbut a lot at the time.. a shaman healer. I was in a small guild. It was current content. We had already cleared it a few times, and we were looking to clear the 10 man raid with no deaths during a boss fight to get the title Undying. So we clear all the bosses and are on the last one…2 healers…myself and a priest. …so on that raid…( im old i think i have the specifics right ) you can get hit with a frost orb type thingy…and you have to move a step, or you freeze up for a few seconds. The boss was at 2% ….and the main tank needed a heal. I was just starting my cast, and the frost thing hit me. I had to move a step, interrupting my cast. I start casting again, the tank dies, and half a second later the Boss dies. NO Achievement . It was stunned silence. Everyone starts yelling and the other healer ( who was a bitch that would randomly cuss and yell at people anyway ) start yelling and screaming at me. We never ever came close again and then the guild broke up cus the Main tank and the cussy ass healer cheated on each other in RL lmao which was funny in its own way after they raped the guild bank to pay each other back lol……but every time i see anyone with Undying or Immortal title, I die just a little bit on the inside. But other than that…the raid was great lmao


  3. I’ll have two answers….

    1) Most fun/interesting: I’d have to say out of all the expansions that I’ve played (missed MoP when it was current) Tomb of Sargeras is by far the most fun I’ve had. It has a balance of hard hitting tanky, fun but tricky mechanics, neat gimmicky fights, challenging trash that isn’t a huge grind, an amount of bosses that isn’t too short but clearable in a good night, engaging roles for healers, tanks and DPS. It really has just about everything I’d want in a raid. Add on top of all that…IT”S THE FREAKIN TOMB OF SARGERAS!!! We’ve been hearing about this thing since the earliest lore, we are raiding where a BAMF Guardian (Aegwynn) smote a freakin’ cosmic avatar!!!

    2) What I personally love: Blackwing Lair. Now I like MC cause it was the first raid and I have fond memories of running it but WOW, BWL was the first REAL raid. It wasn’t all tank and spank, we had fights that were dynamic on each pull (Nef/Chromaggus colors). We had the first DPS check in Vael. Even the very first encounter (Razorgore with the control orb) was something we had never seen before. It was my “golden age” of raiding, I was top tier cock-of-the-walk in my tier2 and our guild put in the blood, sweat and tears having gear nobody else on Horde could get. We spend multiple days and many hours each day just throwing our bodies at Vael…there was guides, there were no videos, we made the strats and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything.


  4. Wanted to add some more neat things. I could go on and on about things like the ghoul event, the blood plague of hakkar, the gates of AQ event but this is about raids and there is one raid we’ll probably never see again in the game.

    World bosses. Probably the dumbest, most hostile, gankiest ragefest that Blizzard ever had the bright idea to add. So lets put some raid boss in the game, let then spawn only once every seven day on a semi-random timer, give them nice “top tier” gear (all good so far…) but throw him into a non-instanced zone with the first group/raid to tag him and survive gets the loot.

    Kazzak/Azuregos were probably two of the nastiest fights I’ve ever been a part of. On a decent day when they popped you could have 3-4 groups(even your own faction was a rival) of 40 people fighting over the same mob and of course who tagged it first didn’t stop the fight. Oh no, on Azuregos hunters/tanks would taunt him and jump off the high cliffs of Ashara to bug him and reset his HP to 100% during a fight, Kazzak would heal on killing a player so there would be purposeful suicides…the name of the game was to do everything possible to wipe the other raids to get the kill.

    It was a terrible system, every spawn there were a ton of hurt feelings, GM reports for profanity/harassment, griefing, you name it. It was a terrible design but I look back at it now with rose-tinted glasses and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again.


    1. And the opening of the gates of AQ was crazy. Everyone on the server farming resources, no matter if you were guilded or not. Tons of supplies poured in to this thing. Then, when all was said and done, the event everyone was waiting for: the actual opening. One person from one guild (generally the top guild on the server; for me, it was Catalyst on Feathermoon) inserted the key, banged the gong, and…. server crash. And server crash. And server crash. They were in no way ready to have nearly every player that was on the realm to be in the same location simultaneously. It was a frustrating, hectic, and joyous time.


      1. That really was fun, that was one of the few times I felt like the horde and the alliance worked together. It really was a neat time before this cross-realm stuff where you can be queued with anyone. If you were in a BG it was with the Alliance on Dalaran, if you were doing world PvP it was the Alliance on Dalaran on the other side.
        It meant that we knew the other side to the point to where people would quit AV/WSG battles when they saw certain names pop up because they knew it was the alliance/horde face-roll group. You really had people you hated on the other side of the realm….

        Yet they worked together, this was the only time I’ve ever seen so many people come together to do a single task and it was really a cool time to be playing the game…I only /spit on *maybe* 10 alliance during that event…..


  5. Remember before sanctioned PvP zones? The land between Tauren Mill and Southshore was the most dangerous area in the game. I personally spent hours (as an Alliance druid; don’t judge) standing outside Tauren Mill just moonfiring everything I could find.


    1. Yeah, “world pvp”…STV could be a nightmare, TM was always bloody, the barrens could get nasty at times.

      Whole lotta fun…


      1. Back before diminishing returns on CCs…I kept a Dorf Hunter sheeped once for 45 minutes because he camped my lowbie…his dumbass finally thought of logging off…just outside of TM lol


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