Tomb of Sargeras: Raid Guide

The Tomb has been breached, and we are on a mission to end Kil’jaeden’s reign of terror!  To get to him, we must pass through 8 gateway encounters with varying types of mechanics.  We have assembled a bunch of quick reference materials for you to be knowledgeable enough to help defeat the enemies on Normal and Heroic!

In addition to these guides, the amazing Crashall (Brad, aka Fisters) has uploaded all of the important details for each encounter into the add-on Angry Assignments.  Make sue you have that add-on loaded in raids… you’ll never get caught off guard by a mechanic again!


The above image is a link to a guide made on imgur by user  It shows you the positioning and key mechanics for each encounter.

Fight Reviews



Demonic Inquisition


Mistress Sassz’ine

Sisters of the Moon

Desolate Host

Maiden of Vigilance

Fallen Avatar