How To: Hunter

So you want to be a Hunter? We have you covered!  There are countless resources scattered throughout the internet, but here are a few of the more reliable and comprehensive sources that are current as of 8.2.  If these resources aren’t enough, you can always reach out to one of the many guild leaders who play Hunters like Outtafocus (GT), Noralline (Gary), or Aaroe (Wendy).  They are very willing to give you some time to discuss their understanding of the class.


Beast Master

The Icy Veins link is here for your reference.


Looking for more information about Marksman Hunters? Check out Icy Veins.



Take a peek at this link for an in-depth look at the Survival spec.

General Information

For all things Hunter, please check out Thrill of the Wild.  This is an all in one source for every spec and aspect of hunter-ing!


If Discord is your thing, Warcraft Hunters Union is a great Hunter community to visit regularly.