How To: Death Knight

The original Hero Class, the Death Knight is a dark and powerful plate wearing killing machine!  The Tank spec is outstanding at being the ‘last man standing’ with their high self healing and solid damage.  Unholy DKs rely on their pets to aid them in battle, whereas Frost uses Icy cold damage to vanquish foes.  If this guide doesn’t satiate your needs there are many guildies who run Death Knights including: Kables, Cammew, or Blightspeed (GT).


Have a peak at Icy Veins for an in-depth view on the Blood spec.



Remember to check Icy Veins for any additional information you might need


Here is a direct link to the Icy Veins information for Unholy DKs


Additonal Resources

Death Knights on Discord congregate on Archerus, join them for up to date news and happenings for everything DK related.