How To: Demon Hunter

They have sacrificed EVERYTHING!  What have YOU given?!?  Blizzard’s second ‘hero’ class starts at level 98 in order to get into battle with the Legion on the Broken Shores as soon as possible.  With a mobility that every other class is jealous over, and some of the best move animations in the game, the demon hunter has seen a surge of players wanting to try their hand at this unique class.  Still, it takes work to be one of Illidan’s elite as a Vengeance Tank or Havoc causing Damage Dealer.  Ofre (GT) will be able to help you get to the top of your Demon Hunter game.

Vengeance Demon Hunter



In case Dvalin hasn’t give you enough information, Icy Veins has you covered!

Havoc Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter resources continue to develop as information on the newest hero class emerges.  Check Icy Veins for the newest information.

Additional Resources

The Fel Hammer is the Discord channel of choice for the Demon Hunter! Look them up for great conversations.