How To: Druid

Often touted as ‘Blizzard’s favorite’, the druid class offers the most flexibility of any class.  Melee and ranged DPS as well as strong tanking and healing roles make the druid one of the most popular classes to play in WoW.  While some suggest it’s easy to play a mediocre druid (in any spec), we’ve compiled some resources that will help you learn how to be more proficient with your class choice.

Feral Druid

See Icy Veins for more details on Feral Druids.

Restoration Druid

Follow the link for more on Restoration Druids.

Balance Druid

If text is a better method to understand Balance Druids, check out the link.

Guardian Druid

Looking for more about Bear Tanking? Jump on over to Icy Veins!


Additional Resources


The Dreamgrove is the Discord Channel dedicated to Druids of all shapes and colors!  Check them out for some great conversation about all things Druid!