How To: Monk

Monks rely on their zen-like mastery of martial arts to defeat their enemies.  They use Chi offensively and defensively at every opportunity.  The tanks drink brews, the healers drink tea, and the dps class… well, they just punch and kick their way out of trouble!  Here are some resources for all of your questions, Grandmaster!  Beyond the resources below, we have Fisters, Funkotron and Wahyud as excellent Monk players who are willing to chat about all things related to the class!

Brewmaster Monk

Icy Veins is your go-to resource for written word on setting up your Brewmaster. Check it out.

Windwalker Monk



If you need more information on how to punch your way to victory as a Windwalker, here’s the shortcut to Icy Veins.


Mistweaver Monk

As always, here is a direct link to the Mistweaver Monk page on Icy Veins.


Additional Guides

The folks over at Peak of Serenity are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to monk things!  Look them up on their website as well as the Discord channel.