How To: Paladin

The warriors of the Holy Light, the defenders of Truth, Honor, and Valor – the Paladin is a class that has seen its share of highs and lows throughout the Legion’s battle on the Broken Shores.  We all remember the loss of Tirion Fordring and found revenge destroying Krosus in The Nighthold.  One of the few classes to offer specifications in each role (tank, dps, and heals), a wide array of players will take a look at rolling a Paladin.  Our raid tank, Painpinata (Will) and Solareh (Wendy) might be able to help answer some questions as you look to start your journey into the Light.


Protection Paladin

The 2 videos included for Protection Paladin might seem like a bit much but the first one is a great look at the basics and the second one is a thorough look at the changes of 7.2.5.

Icy Veins is always a great place to check the details of these videos and see other opinions of other stat builds.

Retribution Paladin

This is a LONG video but it’s a comprehensive look at all things Ret Pally.  Icy Veins is always a good place to double check the info you get in these videos.

Holy Paladin

A simple but functional start to a Holy Paladin build and see all things Icy Veins for more details about talents, rotations, Best in Slot and more.


Additional Resources

Hammer of Wraith is the Discord for Paladins to discuss their opinions on Holy matters. Look them up for an active community.