How To: Priest

The Priest is an interesting class; if you think about it, their power comes from the Light, or the Void, or a balance of both.  While the dominant role for priests is the healer, this class has a lot to offer for all kinds of players.  Priests have often settled into the ‘middle of the pack’ for both heals and dps but still can play a vital role in groups and in raids.  If you’re looking to live by the light or dive into the world of shadow, here is some information that will (hopefully) help you along the way.

Holy Priest

  • Automatic Jak has come up with some great videos, guides and regular updates for those looking to develop their Holy Priest gameplay.
  • Also, don’t forget to look through Icy Veins for more information.


Discipline Priest

  • Again, Automatic Jak offers great information for Discipline Priests and Icy Veins will generally corroborate his recommendations.


This video is more ‘supplementary’ than anything but it’s a wonderfully informative watch – if you have the time.

Shadow Priest

  • A very thorough examination of the ever-evolving Shadow Priest from Exiled Power.  Also, Icy Veins has solid information on building a DPS priest.


Additional Resources

HowToPriest’s Netherlight Temple on Discord is THE spot for Holy congregations. is a long running forum with extensive dialogues about any and every topic on the Priesthood.

The previously mentioned Automatic Jak’s website of the same name is an invaluable source of information as well.