How To: Rogue


The ever-elusive and mysterious rogue is not a class for the faint of heart.  While everyone loves the rogue who can open the occasional lockbox or stealth your group past an annoying trash pack, building an intangible assassin, a deceptive outlaw or even a slippery subtlety weapon of destruction takes time, patience and passion.  Whether you plan to play as a thug for hire or to slice your way to the top of the dps charts, Marmotte (Bob) is willing to help out anyone and everyone looking to develop their own rogue playstyle.


Assassination Rogue


Subtlety Rogue


Outlaw Rogue


Additional Resources

The best Rogue website going is Ravenholdt.  Check it out for regular updates on whatever is happening or changing in a Rogue’s life.  These folks are also the Discord class hosts.