How To: Shaman

The Shaman is the master of the elements.  The class features both ranged and melee dps as well as a healing spec that all rely on totem power to decimate their foes.  Restoration Shamans focus on using the element of water to purify and heal their allies, while Elementals use lave from a distance smite the enemy, and enhancement uses Lightning to shock and stun their opposition.  If these video links are not enough ‘how to Shaman’ for you, reach out to Spellbinder (Enhancement), Tyshae (Restoration, Elemental) for their exceptional knowledge of the Shaman tool kit!


Elemental Shaman

And remember to consult Icy Veins if you need any more in-depth information.

Enhancement Shaman

Here’s a direct link to a full overview of Enhancement Shaman from Icy Veins.

Restoration Shaman


The basics of how to Shammy heal are here.  There were no drastic changes to gameplay, this video is one of the best available.


The updates for 7.2.5 are covered in this video


Additional Resources

Storm, Earth and Lava is a perfect community for Shamans of all specifications.  You can visit their website, or join the Discord.