How to: Warlock

Warlocks wield the magic of the Burning Legion, and the practice of Fel Magic has had faction leaders on edge since the Orcish warlocks first began practicing on Azeroth.  They believe that the power of the enemy can be bent and used against it.  While primarily known for summoning demons to do their bidding and casting painful spells that steal the life of their enemies, their infamy comes from their closets and their crack rocks.  Bombeon (Tom), Daemondeo (Saint), and Paiid (Trey) are all knowledgeable in the dark arts.

Affliction Warlock

The tool kit of the warlock seems to be ever-evolving so be sure to check Icy Veins for the most up-to-date information

Demonology Warlock

Once again, take a peek at Icy Veins for an in-depth overview of Demo Locks.

Destruction Warlock



Destruction Warlock guide by Icy Veins found here.


Additional Resources

On Discord, the Warlocks gather at Council of the Black Harvest.  Join it for more great conversations about ‘Lock things!