How To: Warrior

For as long as there has been war on Azeroth, there have been brave men and women to take up arms and fight.  Warriors keep good company with the likes of Broxigar the Red, King Varian Wrynn and others who have charged selflessly into the heart of the most inauspicious battles.  Whether skilled at Protection, expertise with Arms, or righteous Fury, warriors are classic to the World of Warcraft.  A couple of these combatants in our guild, Wahyah (Brad), Astryd, and Dwinit would likely be able to help you.


Arms Warrior

Icy Veins is a great resource for most of your fundamentals of each spec.


Fury Warrior


Check this out for more information on Fury Warriors.


Protection Warrior


More guidance on Prot Warrior available here.


Additional Resources

Skyhold is the hangout for all of the Warriors on Discord!