Bolstering Beat: vol. 10

Ola Bolstering!  The Beat has taken a back seat, but we’ll go into greater detail in a few minutes!


Guild News


Why the long break between beats?  We have been busy assembling a boat load of resources that can be of great use to anyone!  We have launched the ToS Raid guide, and Class guides, and a basics of multi-player content that will be released shortly.


The Class Guides are meant to be an intro to any class and any spec. They will take you from zero knowledge to raid ready if you watch the videos, read the links, and spend some time in the class discords!  They are not really meant to help you go from Raid ready to World First… If anyone finds that magic video, please let us know!


Tomb of Sargeras Raid Guide is designed to enable anyone to catch up with how we approach all 9 encounters!  There are links to multiple media types that most certainly cover all of the bases for the Tomb.


Both of these guides are available here.


Raiding has been a challenging issue of late.  With a few key players taking some breaks, we have found ourselves in a slight rebuild which has prevented us from pushing Heroic at the pace that some of us would like to progress.  That said, the open runs have been incredibly successful of late with consistent clears of 7 and 8 of 9 bosses on each raid.


Speaking of the one boss that the open run hasn’t defeated: Kil’jaeden!  This final boss of the raid is TOUGH!  The mechanics are very punishing and any mistake in positioning results in either a single death of multiple deaths (and most often a wipe).  On top of punishing mechanics, the DPS check is very high!  Realistically, to beat the enrage timer each DPS needs to be pushing around 650k dps on that fight. Keep in mind, the final fight is high movement and has several down phases with no damage being done.  If it were a single target fight with minimal movement like Goroth, the DPS numbers would need to be close to 800k to clear the boss prior to the hard enrage timer.


Bolstering is stepping up it’s recruiting efforts.   Right now, the guild could use some more members… If you are running in any form of PUG and see someone on Dalaran who is guildless there’s no harm in asking them if they would like to join us.


A little clarity on the guild bank for those who are wondering… The bank is there to help people out!  The first 2 tabs are supplies that anyone might need in their day to day life (i.e. Drums, gliders, basic foods, bags).  These items are free to be taken for personal use.  The next 4 tabs are mostly dedicated to materials and supplies for group content and crafting.  If you need something from these tabs for activities where a group of guildies are doing something, reach out to an Officer or Raider to retrieve the item for you.  When talking about the flasks, feasts and other high value items, you need to specifiy how many you anticipate needing… some stacks of 20 cost upwards of 10k to make (which is a lot of gold to give away regularly)!  The final tab is prizing and rare items.  The battle pets are something we will give away on a whim, but the mounts and toys are most likely earmarked for future giveaways.  If you really, really want one of those items, keep and eye open and enter whatever event has that item as a prize!


World of Warcraft News


Method’s World First Kil’jaeden!

Recently, the Mythic Tomb of Sargeras race ended with Method downing Kil’jaeden ahead of eventual runner’s up Exorsus.  After the second kill, Method released their kill video… check it out!


While we’re looking at Method, main Tank and youTuber Method Sco, released a Tank ranking for 7.2.5.  It really shows you how well tuned the tanks are right now!  If only Blizzard could get healers and DPS on the same scale!


Thinking about 7.3 already? SoulSoBreezy takes a look at the Netherlight Crucible, one of the additions to the next patch for us to continue the grind… When will it end?!?!?!


Still with the future of WoW, Taliesin & Evitel Do Games give us some insight into patch 8.0 which is rumored and not confirmed as of yet…


Leave it to Crendor to come up with a unique way of showing us some hidden gems in Highmountain with his Pointless Top 10: Highmountain.  This video is from December, but it’s good for a few secret places!


Music to discover!  


I’ve found a complete out-cross artist that covers some territory that hadn’t ever made sense to me until I heard Tokio Myers.  Myers was the winner of the most recent season of Britain’s Got Talent, and unlike most winners of these contests he isn’t a pretty singer who makes fluffy pop songs… He takes a variety of piano tracks and infuses them with modern hits to come up with outstanding pieces that captivate the imagination.