Bolstering Ranking: The New System

On August first, we will be re-ranking many of our guild members as we look to reorganize and clarify the rankings within Bolstering.  Blizzard gives us NINE rank slots and here are the details associated with each rank.

Banished: This rank was reserved for players who needed to be ‘silenced’ due to toxic or inappropriate behavior in guild chat.  This rank is being deleted.  If a guild member is demonstrating behavior worth ‘banishing’, they will now be removed from the guild.

9. New Player: When a player is invited into Bolstering, this is the default placement of said player until they meet the requirements of a member.  New Members do not have access to the guild bank or any repair gold.

8. Member: The move from New Member to Member happens when the player decides to give their real / preferred name.  The name is kept in Officer Notes as it helps to keep track of any alts that may also join the guild.  Members have access to the first 2 tabs of the guild bank and 300g per day in repairs

7. Raider:  This rank is for Bolstering toons who are regular and consistent participants in the weekly Guild Raid.  The (general) Raider rank allows the player access to the first  2 bank tabs and 400g per day in repairs.  (This 400g is meant to cover the increased repair expenses that come with regular guild raiding.)

6. (NEW) Progression Raider:  This is a new rank for Bolstering.  We’re hoping that by including a second raiding rank, there will be some clarity in raid sign ups.  Raids identified as ‘Progression Raids’ on the game calendar are open to guild members with this rank.  There is a ‘process’ to reaching this rank in Bolstering that involves some discussion, some proving, and some time.  Progression Raiders have access to bank tabs 1-3 and 800g per day in repairs.

5. (NEW) Senior Member: For members who have been with Bolstering for a long period of time and have established themselves as valuable leaders, mentors and role models in the guild BUT are unable to commit to Guild Leadership or Progression Raiding.  They may or may not be regular raiders.  Senior Members have access to  bank tabs 1-3 & 7 and 600g per day in repairs.

Raid Captain: This was a rank that was put in place to identify raid role leaders within the guild.  Most of our ‘raid captains’ are away from the game and we’re re-doing the raid ranks, so this rank is being deleted.


4. Officer Alts:  A rank for the alt toons of officers.  Having this rank identifies to all guild members that an officer is online and available but is currently playing on a toon that doesn’t have the officer permissions.

3. Officer:  Officers are the ‘second in command’ and are a vital component to the management and growth of this guild.  Officers are responsible for:

  • maintaining a positive and engaging guild environment
  • be familiar with current content
  • planning and executing monthly events (not scheduled current content)
  • engaging new members, getting names and getting them promoted to member
  • various organizational and guild maintenance tasks.
  • attend monthly Admin meetings
  • officers that are raiders (reg or prog) are expected to attend raids to support their guild

Officers will also have the ability to kick guild members so they need to be compassionate and patient people who GMs can trust in any and every situation.    ‘New’ officers are subject to a 90 day trial to make sure that the Guild Rank is a fit for both the officer and the GMs.

2. Co-GM: While Bolstering has 3 acting GMs, Blizzard only give us one spot.  So, Brad and Wendy sit in the Co-GM rank – as well as all GM alts.

1. GM: GT holds this title with his main character.


The changes will go into effect on August 1st and many guildies will log on to see that their rank has changed.  Yes, this is on purpose – to minimize the number of ranks we have in use while we implement the new ‘divisions’.  Over the course of the next week, players will have relative control over their new rank designation – what you do will determine your ‘new’ rank.  If you have interest in a certain rank, please speak with a GM (GT, Brad, Wendy) and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

The new rank changes also apply to Officers.  So, if you have interest in being an Officer for Bolstering, those conversations will open for discussion on August 3rd.  We have very high expectations of our Officers so we want to spend some time talking to each Officer Applicant; we are looking for officers who want to lead.  Remember that there is no guarantee that  ‘applying’ will get you the job (and we do mean ‘job’).  But, simply schedule a meeting with 2 (or more) of the GMs and we’ll be happy to discuss Guild Admin expectations with you.

Former Officers of Bolstering also need to indicate their interest in the position and schedule a conversation with the GMs.

We’re excited about the new ranking system as we believe it will lend greater clarity to ‘who does / knows what’ in our guild.  Please be patient with us while we make these changes – we hope to have about 80% sorted by August 5th.  And, as always, please ask GT, Wendy or Brad if you have any questions about the process.

See you on the flip side!

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