Bolstering Beat: vol. 11: 7.3 and more!

It has been almost 77 days since 7.2.5 launched which means that 7.3 is going to be here on reset!  We are finally going to get to Argus in some kind of crazy inter dimensional craft to begin the assault on the Titan Argus.  There will be some expanded information on the patch after we cover the guild news!


Guild News

The re-working of the guild ranks is STILL NOT FINISHED!  There is a bug with the rankings that for some reason does not want to right itself.  The Senior Member rank is currently below Prog Raider which is not what was intended. It may take a bit of shuffling to get that sorted out, but we are going to square this up.


Wednesday’s Open Run is still happening!  Our numbers over the past couple of weeks have dwindled, but we are still going into ToS every week to clear the instance on our Mains. We have gone 9/9 in each of the past 4 Wednesdays, GREAT WORK Raiders!


A quick word on Alts in Tomb.  The reality is that we do not have the diversity and flexibility to run our alts in normal Tomb without asking our healers to stay on their Main toons.  If people want to run Alts as a guild run, please start thinking about the raid roles that are required for everyone to have an opportunity to play on their secondary toons.  We currently need a few Healing alts to make this a possibility!


Progression Raiding has met a roadblock on 2 fronts. The group has managed to get Mistress to 3% and 4% but have not been able to get over the hump and down her.  The other stumbling point has Bolstering stuck on Sisters of the Moon.  This fight has a lot of moving parts!  We have not breached 10% yet, but will get there in time.  All progression raiders have been asked to talk to me this week before the upcoming Progression Raid to discuss what we are seeing on these 2 fights.


Don’t forget to say hi to folks you haven’t met in guild!  We’re pushing up our recruiting efforts, and want the newest members to feel as at home as our long tenured members!  If they are asking for help with stuff and you aren’t busy, maybe jump in and give them a hand… it might end up with a Legendary Drop, Mount, elusive Battle Pet, or sweet, sweet Transmog piece!


WoW News


Are you excited for Argus?  It’s going to bring a boat load of new quests, materials, recipes, animations, and even a couple of class changes!  It’s too much for me to list, but maybe Taliesin & Evitel Do Games can explain it for us.


If you want to check out all of the new spell animations for casters, MadSeasonShow has compiled all of them in a 23 minute video. If you want to see specific ones, the actual youTube page has the time stamps on it for each class.  Which new set of animations are you most intrigued by?  Wendy is very excited for Holy Nova!


A bit off-topic, but interesting to note:  Several youTube folks have been seeing their videos de-monetized which has the WoW youTube community upset.  Thete Gaming does a fantastic job of explaining what’s happening and how the content creators can maintain their incomes from this source.  With Twitch starting to develop a Video on Demand section, will this make Twitch the new source for all things WoW related?


Just for a little laugh, Kaif gives us a look into his raid core.  He puts together a lot of NSFW content, but the content is pretty entertaining if you can look past the language.



Hopping Jams for No Reason

Call it a punishment, call it a terrible idea, but this edition is gonna end with some popular music for the youngsters in the guild… DJ Khaled taking credit for Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne and Quavo’s efforts in I’m the One!  Enjoy, skip, or whatever, I’m not gonna judge ya!