Progression Raid Meeting Minutes (Aug 31, 2017)

Heroic Progression Raid Update

Bolstering continues to endure various and regular changes to our guild make up and, as such, we’re constantly working to continue the push for progression.  Our current hang-up in Heroic Tomb of Sargeras is moving past Harjataan.  Good news: Mistress nerf – we should down her this week.  In our attempts to break further into the Tomb, we owe big thanks to prog raiders who’ve taken the time to talk to GT this week.  We’ve learned a lot from you and your suggestions and are hopeful to develop our progress as a result of your contributions.

Improving as a Raider

  1. Fight Preparation
    • Lots of resources for fight preparation on the website
    • Ask questions if you have them
    • Run PUGS to see the fight outside the guild
  2. Know the fights
    • Be prepared to explain fights from the perspective of your role
    • Know what your class ‘responsibility’ is (like lust)
  3. Be self-sufficient
    • Bring your own food, flasks, tomes, runes
  4. Raid Attendance
    • We need consistent attendance in order to build a strong raid core.  Consistent and developing synergy is key to progression.
    • We need to see regular attendance in our open raids
  5. Help develop guildies
    • Run mythics and mythic pluses to bring new players into guild raiding
  6. Maximize your use of Raid Logs
    • Yes, numbers are important but having high parses are not necessarily an indication of your raid capability
    • Being able to understand how Raid Logs work will help you learn how to develop your own skill set
    • If you need, please ask.  We may run a tutorial on how to use logs if there is interest.  (please comment below)
  7. We will always be at the mercy of the number of healers
    • You may not get an invite if we don’t have the healers to support the number of available dps even if you’re parses are over 25%

Progression Raiding Requirements

  1. Minimum 25% parses: over multiple weeks on individual fights
  2. No avoidable deaths in normal raids (over multiple weeks)
  3. Consistent attendance in normal open clears (Wednesday raids)
  4. Understand the change in difficulty (additions to mechanics) in the transition from normal to heroic

Open Questions

Where to find additional information?

  • website (text guide & links to videos), youtube videos, review dungeon logs, find a youtuber whose information you like and enjoy hours of WoW video

Why is Friday listed as a Prog Raid Night?

  • We ideally want to be able to do 2 Progression Raids per week (scheduled Friday and Sunday) but, recently, Friday attendance hasn’t allowed for a Friday raid to happen.  If interest in Fri night Prog Raids returns, we can revisit Heroic Prog on Fridays.


In attendance
  • GT, Brad, Wendy, Bob
  • Don, Tom, Will, Daniel, Jake, Kily, Michelle, Kyle