Bolstering Beat: vol. 12: New Events!

Hello folks, GT back with another edition of the Bolstering Beat.  The long awaited 7.3 patch went live this week bringing new content and new planet to explore!  With the new content we have seen the item level of world quest drops and dungeon rewards increased which should be helpful in gearing up main toons as well as alts.  It has definitely been interesting to watch alts getting their item levels ridiculously close to the toons that we’ve all put countless hours into acquiring gear for, but that’s how it goes when Blizzard decides to make things more ‘alt friendly’.


Bolstering News


NEW GUILD EVENTS!  This month has us looking at some different ideas for guild activities.  Some of them have been done previously, and some of them are brand new to us.  I’ll take a moment to briefly go over them in better detail than can be done using the in-game calendar!


Transmog Thursday:  This event is going to be a return to an event we did in ICC… the NAKED run!  This time we’re upping the ante though, and running Mists of Pandaria’s final raid: Siege of Ogrimmar!  Here’s how this works: Everyone starts out with NO GEAR other than a level 1 White weapon!  No Heirlooms, no hidden gear, no Artifact weapon transmogged or otherwise (we will inspect everyone at random), no anything!  The idea is to get the best item level by the end of the raid as you can with the winner receiving 10,000 gold!  The only armor you are eligible to roll on/equip is that which is appropriate for your class.  For example, Plate wearers can only roll on Plate items (or stat appropriate trinkets, necks, rings, cloaks) and can not roll on Mail, Leather, or Cloth.  If we deem the instance to be too challenging, we will make accommodations to guarantee a full clear!  This event is a great way to get some elusive transmog, battle pets or mounts… sign up and join in, it’s going to be a lot of Teamspeak laughing!


Friday Faceroll: As the title suggests, we are going to Faceroll a raid or two on a Friday Night.  Looking to farm Artifact Power and Legendaries from some of Legion’s easier Raids (Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, Nighthold).  Depending upon numbers and group composition, we will push Normal, Heroic, or Mythic.  Ideally, mains should be running this content as it is meant to be an easy, stress free way to kill some bosses in a quick fashion!  Ideally this group will be item level 905, but if you are looking  for a specific piece or two from one of the raids we are running on an alt and have the ability to carry a lower geared toon, we may be able to help you out!


Twink Throwdown: PVP may not be for everyone, but the level 19 twink bracket is a lot of fun with a group of folks that want to extract revenge on the Alliance!  To participate all you need to do is level a toon to 19, and turn the experience off.  Once you reach level 19 there are a few things you can do to get geared up for some high level ‘twinking’.  The website has some great gearing recommendations for each class.  If you need help finding some of the items, reach out to Brad, Wendy or Myself.  If you want to get serious about it, look into getting the PVPgrid add-on from Twitch.  It shows what roles and specs each of your opponents is playing, and will let you target those players by clicking on their name.  Regardless of this being a serious or just for fun endeavor, this will be a colorful affair… you may even get exposed to PVP Wendy (it’s like questing Wendy, but more violent).


Random Giveaways:  Over the last month, we’ve been giving things away to people via various contests.  On ocassion there has been an item in the guild bank needing a new home, so we give it away. 2 weeks ago, Amy found me hiding on the cliffs of Ogrimmar, traded me some gold, and received a Depleted Kyparium Rocket.  Keep your eyes open for the next spontaneous giveaway, you could end up with some amazing loot!


Recruiting:  Bolstering continues to look for new faces!  Brad and Wendy have been very active in looking for new folks to join our ranks.  If you haven’t reached out to our new folks, please do so.  They may need some help, or just wanna chat about stuff. If you are a newer guildie, WELCOME!  We are happy to have you with us.  If you need help with something, please let us know… there are many great people in this guild who are always looking for a new adventure to embark on.


World of Warcraft News


The Lucid Nightmare puzzle has been solved, Mmrrggll has a how-to video for anyone looking to add this mount to their collection.


SignsOfKelani has a guide for farming Veiled Argunite which can be exchanged for 910 item level gear tokens.  These are replacing the 880 Relinquished token you could previously exchange for Nethershards.


In case you were looking for some popular youTuber’s reactions to the Illidan cinematic (It’s a spoiler, if you haven’t completed chapter one on Argus do not watch), here’s a compilation from DORO//KAGE


There have been a few questions about the Netherlight Crucible.  Here’s a brief overview from Hazelnuttygames on how this is going to work once it goes live in the 3rd chapter of the Argus campaign.

For anyone who looooovvvveeessss the comedy troupe Broken Lizard, they are already aware that Super Troopers 2 is set to be released on 4-20 of next year (I swear Officer, it’s a coincidence).  One of the most famous parts from the original movie is the scene where Farva chases down a speeding sports car in his personal vehicle… I’ve found the song from that scene, and there’s a WoW twist to the video with a little spaceship darting in and out of tracks to grab specific colored rectangles… kinda reminds me of the orb chasing on MAIDEN!  Here’s Bidibodi Bidibu by Bubbles.


Don’t forget to sign up for all the events you plan on attending on the in-game calendar! Have a blast in Argus and the rest of the WoW universe!