Bolstering Beat: vol. 13: ALL THE THINGS

Hey peoples!  There’s been a big gap since our last Beat post, not for a lack of content, but a lack of time to put information up… Between gearing and raiding with Alts, Argus and the Netherlight Crucible grind, leveling Classes I’ll never play and chasing my AOTC: Kil’jaeden I’ve been pretty occupied!  Regardless, we have lots of stuff to discuss!


Guild News


Alts in ToS!  September was a full month of Alts and Mains co-mingling to run through the Tomb with great success.  This past week was our first 9/9 one-shot full clear.  Not only did we do it once, but we followed up with a second one-shot clear a couple of days later!  Great showing from all involved, thanks for participating!


One negative to raiding with Alts that we’ve been noticing is that we need to look closer at which Alts we are developing.  Right now we have a good supply of Tanks and Damage dealers, but we seem to be just shy on back-up healers.  Jon and Wendy have graciously run their mains twice in a week on several occasions to make sure we can run a second guild group in a week without PuGs.  If you are contemplating getting a second (or third or fourth) toon ready for raids, consider a healer! Not only do they help the guild out, they are also in demand for most PuGs (in case you are working towards your AOTC).


Twinks:  The initial Twink Throwdown was a fantastic event!  We had 6 eager Alliance haters rotating in and out of the group to get a chance to have some fun in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin.  It really is a nice, relaxing way to step away from the AP grind at end game with some fun-loving guildies!  If you are interested in the next Throwdown, it will be held on October 12th.  We are looking to build up to a 10 man group which means that we need to find a Flag Carrier (Resto/Balance Druid), a few more DPS, and one more Discipline Priest.  Talk to Brad, Wendy or GT for more information.


Mythic Legion Raids:  Are you prepared?  We think it’s time that we jump back into Emerald Nightmare and try to get the Mythic Achievements rolling.  You will need to do some research, the mechanics will still be punishing enough to kill you.  Here are the videos from Fatboss for you to use as baseline for each encounter.


World of Warcraft News


This past week SoulSoBreezy eclipsed the 9000 follower mark!  Congrats to Soul, I enjoy his well spoken delivery of the weekly happenings.  It makes it an easy resource to catch up with what’s going on in the game.  If you are a ‘follow on youTube person’, give him a like!

Another news review video producer with a different angle, Taliesin & Evitel Do Games deliver more insight into the post-Argus world.


The Mythic Dungeon Invitational has been on-going for the past couple of weeks.  Check out Free Marsy vs. Honestly as uploaded by Alen Harpi.


Music to… IT’S NOT MUSIC!


Wellllllllll I mean it’s about music, but it’s not techinically a song!  This time around I’ve pulled one of my favorite jokes of all time.  Mostly because I see myself in the joke!  John Mulaney’s Salt & Pepper Diner for your amusement!