Bolstering Beat 14: Heroic, Black Temple, Hallow’s End

Hello everyone, here’s a quick hit of what’s going on in Bolstering and beyond!

Guild News

On Sunday we stepped back into Heroic Tomb of Sargeras after a 2 month hiatus.  Previously we had been blocked on Mistress Sassz’ine, having put hours into trying to work through the pools of purple, Hydra Shot, and Tornadoes.  Since our last guild attempts we’ve all put a lot of effort into gearing up and running Tomb to improve our knowledge of the instance.  It paid off, with Bolstering pulling off not only a one-shot Mistress fight, but clearing all the way to Kil’jaeden before the end of our raid.  Bolstering is now 8/9 Heroic!  Great work everyone, we will try to get back into heroic during raid nights where our numbers are strong enough to support a Heroic Raid.  This may result in Normal raids becoming Heroic at a moment’s notice.


It’s BLACK TEMPLE TIMEWALKING WEEK!  Sign up for our second attempt at killing Illidan.  Last time we went into BT, Illidan’s trash foiled our plans by glitching out.  It’s our time!


Don’t forget to get some Guild Dungeon groups going this week.  Completing 3 Mythic Plus and 7 regular (Normal, Heroic, Mythic) dungeons as well as a guild raid each week puts 6050 gold into the bank.  This helps offset the cost of guild repairs, which we give to every member of our guild as a perk of membership.  Our weekly repair bills are around 15,000 gold, let’s make sure Blizzard continues to foot 40% of our bill!



World of Warcraft News

TradeChat brings a look ahead to things happening in game this week for all areas of World of Warcraft.


With the last major raid of the expansion on the horizon, Preach Gaming takes a look at what would he re-roll to, if he were looking to re-roll (spoiler: he’s not changing mains for the remainder of Legion).  If you had to re-roll, what class would you call your new main?


If you want to see what the Antorus raid looks like, SignsOfKelani give us a guided tour of the raid up to Argus the Unmaker. It is NOT a ‘how-to’ for the next raid.  If you wish to be surprised when we first step foot into the instance, maybe skip this video!


If maschinima is your thing, Nixxiom is a fun follow.  Here’s 50 things only WoW players will understand.

Music to Awe You

Sometimes there’s an act of music that is just plain awesome to see!  Today’s feature is 1000 musicians performing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.  This is not the first time that these folks have put an event together, but it’s very impressive each time they do it.  It’s enough of a challenge to get 15 people coordinated to get a raid started, I can’t fathom how difficult it would have been for the person in charge of wrangling 1000 musicians!