Bolstering Beat 15: AOTC & BlizzCon

Round 15 of the Bolstering Beat is upon us.  It’s been a pretty exciting couple of weeks.  With BlizzCon announcements and in-guild events, let’s jump right in!


Guild News


AOTC for Bolstering!  After our hiatus from Heroic Tomb of Sargeras, we have recently stepped back in to see how our guild stacks up against the biggest baddies in the game to date.  Congratulations to all of our guildies who achieved their Ahead of the Curve: Kil’Jaeden in our first full Heroic clear!  Our guild has 1 full clear and 2 8/9H runs over the past 3 weeks.  Once again we will jump into heroic on Sunday and attempt a full clear.


Great job on the Guild Perk for completing 3 Mythic Plus dungeons in a guild group.  Even though the content is less challenging, it would be swell if we could help out and run a few daily heroics together… In case you weren’t aware, Gary (Noralline) does regular dungeons on Monday evenings/late afternoons to make sure that we have completed 7 in a guild group.  It only takes 3 guildies to earn credit for a dungeon… help a newer player, gear up some alts, or just go in and faceroll a couple dungeons real quick!  NOTE: If you are spamming dungeons, make sure you leave instance group before re-queuing, otherwise you will not get guild credit (speaking from experience here).


I know that we regularly mention this, but if you are wondering about how to interpret Warcraft logs, please, please please reach out to us!  There is soooo much knowledge to be gained from reading these logs that you can use to make every area of your gameplay smoother that you should spend a few minutes to look through the logs and get some more information to make you a better player!  These logs will be more of a focus for our Progession Raiders when we jump into Antorus.  Speaking of that raid, the release date is November 28th!  Our Raid meeting is  November 19th, if you wish to raid in the next tier, it will be be a good idea to join that conversation!  Sign up on the in-game calendar!


In addition to the new Raid, we have started gathering guides, videos and strategies for Antorus.  If you have come across some amazing resource, leave a comment or talk to an Officer about what you have found!  The website will have a new page of raid resources shortly.

Upcoming Events! 


Trial of Style Bolstering Edition is in the works.  Brad has been busy creating categories and coming up with some sweet, sweet prizes for those who have the best transmog as determined by a crack panel of experts (or a couple random guys who think they know stuff).  This is going to be a great evening for EVERYONE, not just the raiders who seem to get the most event love!


Twink Throwdown is not currently on schedule, but it can be a more regular event.  It is a really fun evening of chatting and laughing, if you have an open character slot it is absolutely worth creating a level 19 to join us!  Please let us know which day of the week works best, and it can become a more official and frequent event!  Currently looking for more Arcane Mages, Balance Druids, and Rogues.  We always have room for another Disc Priest as well!  Sneaky Contest buried in the text wall: the first person that tells me which guildie is wearing the dress in this article’s photo will receive 5000g!  Contest only open to NON-TWINK participants!


Looking for Answers:  Is there any appetite for our guild to do outside of WoW events?  Many guilds play other videos games (Overwatch, Elder Scrolls, etc.), have movie nights, or play RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons through their voice communication programs.  Brad, Wendy and I did watch BlizzCon together and it was fun to follow the events, make comments, and spend some non-grind time relaxing…  If this is something of interest, let us know!  If it seems hokey or just a waste of time, let us know as well!  We put these Beat articles together to generate dialogue and come up with more ways to make enhance our guild experience!


World of Warcraft News


BlizzCon has come and gone!  Man were there a steady stream of announcements coming from the WoW panels!  BellularGaming has a ton of in-depth videos with all of the new pieces that Blizzard mentioned during their Warcraft sessions.  Here is the 9 minute overview of what was announced on Friday and Saturday!



In case that wasn’t enough, the Blizzard team also announced that Warcraft Classic is going to be a reality… in time.  Now, they aren’t certain when they are going to be brought to live but the announcement of these servers is the death blow to Legacy servers like Elyssium and Nostralius.  Olas put a compilation video of the reactions to the Classic announcement, featuring several streamers and youTubers.



In case you were wondering what’s happening in the immediate future, TradeChat has a look ahead to everything you need to know about what’s happening this week.  It’s bite-size, and short… these weekly releases are definitely a great way to keep on top of the week in Warcraft.



Music to run Maw of Souls to

This song is stuck in my head!  Every time I’ve run Maw of Souls whether in a Mythic Plus or regular setting, I’ve asked the question or made a comment about ‘going the distance’.  This is in reference to pulling all of the trash from the beginning of the dungeon all the way up to the first boss (although he becomes collateral damaged on occassion).  Unless we’re doing a really high level key with a bad affix (Sanguine, Bolstering, Necrotic), I am always have the need for speed!  One more cheap plug for normal dungeons… if you want to see some massive pulls and huge AOE numbers, jump into a group with one of our raid tanks for a 6 minute Maw of Souls!  Hopefully you don’t break your dps meter in the process!  Back on track here, this week’s song is ‘The Distance’ by Cake!