Getting Ready for Antorus

The last major raid of the Legion expansion will be released on Nov 28th 2017.  Bolstering plans to make our first venture into Antorus: The Burning Throne on Wednesday Nov. 29th.

Of course, we’re all eager to get into a new raid and smash some new bosses. So, your fearless raid leader, Brad (along with your other guild leaders) has been exploring the best strategies that will allow as many people as possible the opportunity to get in and deal with the rogue Titan himself.  But, getting through Sargeras is going to take some planning, some commitment, and some clear guidelines.

Raid Meeting: Nov 19th

In attendance:  Brad, GT, Wendy, Bob, Jess, Don, Gary, Jake, Charles, Trey, Kyle, Mike

Change in Raid Night Runs:

  • Wednesday = Prog raids
  • Sunday = Open Raids
Open Raids
  • will be picky for the first few weeks until we can get some fights on farm
  • 920 ilvl mains only
  • overall raid size will depend on Tanks & Healers
  • we’re looking for more flexibility in what people play – within class or building alts, especially for open raid nights as it allows more to participate
    • example: re-rolling from a hunter to a mage offers no flexibility since both are ranged dps
  • Raid alts = determined by raid utility


  • We’re currently looking for people who ‘want’ to tank rather than ‘if I have to’ tank
  • If interested, talk to Brad

NEW ADD-ON Requirement: Angry Assignments (mandatory raid add on)

NEW ADD-ON Requirement: RC Loot Council (mandatory raid add on)

Progression Raids

Prog Requirements: Brad will be in direct contact with those being considered for Progression

  • will likely be running 10 man Progression Group ( 2-2-6) to start
  • obvious hopes to increase raid size – dependent on players and regular attendance
  • performance is a part of the decision, mechanics play a more significant role in making those choices for raiding / prog raiding
Some General Statements

There was admittedly some frustrations with Progression Raiding in ToS; mostly because we weren’t learning.  Progression is just that, progression.  But wiping at the same percentage to the same mechanic isn’t progression.  We want to make sure we’re learning – both in normal and in progression.  Every raider can help with the success of the raid by 1) being prepared before coming to raids and, 2) by being a team player (use your raid tools to maximize total effectiveness, paying attention to mechanics, not tunneling, and trying hard to improve when wipes happen).  If we’re not working together, we’re not going to find success.  Wiping is never an issue – we can all learn from our mistakes – but we need to be learning.

Things to Remember:

Antorus is an 11 boss raid

  • it will likely take more than one night for a LONG time.
  • We will consider another raid night (dependent on interest)

If you’re looking for some feedback on performance and development, stick around after the raid as we review logs in teamspeak post-raid.

Reminder to Mages & Shamans – LUST is your raid utility.  Use it!

ToS will be still happening

  • folks will need to have access to high TF tier 20 pieces (since t21 sucks for many of us /cough)


Overall, it was a very positive meeting with a great sense of co-operation as we move into tier 21.  Thanks to all those who were able to attend, ask questions, and contribute.  Your insights are always appreciated.

Here’s an Early Look

(click image)

Or, if you prefer some straightforward dungeon journal notes, check this out.


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