Bolstering Beat vol. 16: So long Tomb of Soak-garas!

Hello everyone, Beat 16 is going to focus on a few very important things pertaining to Bolstering!  It’s a week of mixed feelings for some, with Tomb taking a back seat to the Burning Throne after 158 days of Soaking all the Mechanics.  Tomb’s nickname of Soak-garas was very appropriate, but it was kinda fun to be required to cuddle up with some guildies and prevent mass destruction.  I for one, will miss some of the fights.  Getting set up in the ‘perfect’ spot on Avatar was always interesting especially when we had some PuGs not doing the fight the way we wanted it done!  And Brad will have to find a new place for his Frost Cannon assaults… or is it Frost Eyebeams on a Guardian Druid?  Congrats to all who accomplished their AOTC this tier, it was a much harder instance to achieve that feat than Nighthold.


With that spewing of erratic thoughts over, we move on to the NEWWWWSSS!


Guild News


The move to DISCORD is happening!  Much like the game itself, Voice Communication programs are ever evolving.  TeamSpeak has been a great program for Bolstering but the time is here to say farewell!  Discord offers up many more capabilities that TS just can’t accomplish.  Discord has become the go-to for most guilds because of it’s text and voice options.  It’s text channels allow us to link youTube videos, Warcraftlogs, or anything else we find interesting or useful with some permanence (right now all links disappear at the end of each TS session).  The voice channels are much the same as TS, just in a new program.  AND, because it is the most used, it’s easier to get PuGs to join our channel for raids.  The link is in the Guild info tab.  If you need help setting up Discord, reach out to any one of our GMs and they would be more than happy to help you figure out the process!  Hopefully we can use Discord to start Antorus progression!


If you are a Raider (or aspiring Raider) make sure you look at the notes from our last raid meeting found here.  The TL;DR on our meeting is: get up to date with the new encounters; RC Loot Council and Angry Assignments are MANDATORY; 920 ilvl  with 70 Artifact Traits are the minimum requirements; and BRAD is the direct contact for all things Antorus!


Our Raid Guide will be coming out shortly and will include videos of each fight as well as some text based overviews providing ample ways to learn the fights prior to first pull!  Keep an eye on the guide section for this page, it will get you heading the right way for Antorus!  If you have a resource that is outstanding for Antorus, feel free to share it with Brad, Wendy or myself.  We can link it into what we are creating.


Just an update to the question posted in the last Edition of the Beat, we are still looking for other games that folks enjoy playing that might have appeal to some guildies.  Wendy and I bought Overwatch (because of the Sale), if anyone wants to play with BAD Overwatchers, hit us up!  Brad is super mega amazing, and so is Jon… maybe play with them if you wanna do well!  Anywho, if you play a multiplayer game and would like to see if others wanna play, talk about it in Discord.  Who knows, it might become a regular event when folks need a break from the grind!


WoW News

Quick preparation guide from Naesam who delivers 5 tips on getting ready for Antorus.  Note: Nether Disruptor is up right now!


The legendary Thete Gaming provides us with a rational approach to looking at DPS sims.  As Brad always says, play what you want…


Taliesin & Evitel Do Games show some of the Antorus boss lore.  It’s an interesting exploration for those who are into understanding why we are killing who we are killing!


Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty Americans! SignsOfKelani has an overview of how to tackle the turkey festivities.


Music to do Raid prep to


I really wanted to find a track that was the ultimate pump up, motivational, rip your throat out kinda song that made you Bloodlust… Instead, I found the answer to the age old question ‘What has 7 arms and sucks?’.  It’s a Time Warp across the Netherwinds to the 1980’s… We proudly present Def Leppard, from the Hysteria album… Pour Some Sugar on Me.  Did I mention we have a Discord Channel dedicated to Dad Jokes, cuz we do!