2017: A Year in Review

Well, that one is in the books!

2017 was a busy year for Bolstering and as we prepare for an exciting 2018, I thought it’d also be fun to take a look back at the year that was Bolstering’s first.

Feb 2017: Bolstering is Born

There are many ways to play this game; raid progression, fats loots, achievement points, and people are all facets that make this game interesting.  Bolstering was born from a firm belief in the importance of people.  From the onset, GT, Brad and Wendy wanted a guild founded on the belief that a guild is only as strong as its members and, as we set about transitioning into Bolstering, we were truly blown away by the support we received from all the folks who followed in the founding of this guild.  True to our vision, Bolstering is a team – the sum of our parts – and each member plays a role in making Bolstering a great place to call ‘home’.

Bolstering’s Raid Achievements

While many Bolster-ers raided through The Emerald Nightmare together, it was under a different banner.  Bolstering’s FIRST AotC achievement came in The Nighthold.  Finally, we were given a chance to take down Gul’dan which was a real treat for the many that had been waiting since HFC to punch this orc square in the junk.

Our AotC kill came on May 29th, 2017.  There were 3 people left standing when the smoke cleared, but Gul’dan fell and Illidan challenged us to follow him into ‘The Abyss’.  Before we followed him anywhere, we were able to run Heroic Nighthold a few more times and get a few more guildies the AotC Achievement.

Do you remember what happened on the same night we AotC’d Gul’dan?  Yup – we AotC’d Helya!  May was a busy month for Bolstering and it was pretty spectacular to be able to AotC both those raids by the end of the month.

On June 20th, we were able to follow Illidan into the Abyss and take the plunge into the Tomb of Sargeras.

Tomb of Sargeras will go down as one of Blizzard’s most challenging raids.  From the dizzying mechanics to insane trash packs, Bolstering grappled week in and week out to make our way to the super-cool spaceship in the sky.  We actually made our way through normal with relative comfort – being able to get the tier bosses on farm before the end of summer.  However, heroic progression proved to be much more challenging.  Not as many were able to AotC in Tomb as did in Nighthold – but we did manage to get the guild AotC on Oct 26, 2017.

As the year ends, we’ve barely had a chance to get our feet wet in Antorus.  We have had a couple weeks with good chances at Argus but we’re hoping to see the end of normal Antorus early in 2018.  Heroic progression has begun and will continue as we work our way to the ethereal Violet Spellwing.

Bolstering’s Guild Achievements

Throughout our first year, we’ve been able to accomplish tremendous things as a guild.  At a glance:

  • 8 bank tabs!  Thanks to all those who spent real life time and money to help us hit the Stay Classy achievement.
  • 1910 Guild Achievement Points!  This is amazing – but we want more.  Stay tuned as we start to make plans to get the Guild Classic Raider points.
  • 4 weeks away from the Guild Raid Achievement is a testament to the consistency of our guildies – folks who turn up every week to make this happen.
  • 207 members and 80 individual accounts!  We’re looking into more focused recruitment but if you’re out in the world and meet someone who you think would be a great part of the family, every guildie can invite others to the guild.

A big shout-out has to go to all the folks who have given time and energy to help grow Bolstering.  It means so much that you’ve invested in each other and we hope you take a great deal of pride in your accomplishments and in your guild.

Looking Forward to 2018

We have all sorts of plans in the works as a good chunk of 2018 will feel like waiting.  Still, we’re working on creating some events in game that will keep us playing together while we wait.  Events based around having some good laughs, building Guild Achievement points, naked raids, twink PvP, and more will all start to make their way onto the in-game calendar as 2018 gets into full swing.  Even if you’re not into raiding, we hope that you’ll feel motivated to come out and engage with your guildies in a more casual, less structured way.

We’re also looking into creating some out-of-game events if we have enough interest.  This is a newer arena that we’re exploring but the internet makes (almost) all things possible.  Aside from a growing populace taking an interest in Blizzard’s other games (Overwatch & Heroes of the Storm seem to be the most popular among our guildies), we want to gauge the interest level in events outside of WoW.  Anyone interested in Dungeons & Dragons?  Perhaps we could host a ‘movie night’?  If you have any ideas or something you’d like to do with guildies outside of The World of Warcraft, we’d love to hear your suggestion (in the comments section below).

d&d meme I have no memory of this place


And, of course…Battle for Azeroth!

(Who isn’t excited about this!!)

The virtual ticket of 2017 ended up being a great purchase!  GT, Brad and Wendy spent 2 days together in discord as BlizzCon 2017 introduced the next World of Warcraft expansion.  It was a lot of fun to see Battle for Azeroth unveiled and share in the hype and excitement for what looks to be another rich and engaging game experience.  So, it would be a travesty to not mention that 2018 is going to be another terrific year of gameplay (and a much needed departure from ‘the green’ of the Legion).


And so we bid farewell to 2017 – a year of firsts.  I, for one, am ready for 2018 to be a breakout year for Bolstering.  Anyone else?

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  1. Hope you guys are doing awesome! Lots of personal life stuff going on has kept me from MMO gaming, but miss you folks, and wish you the best 🙂


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