Bolstering Beat vol. 17: Lots to do!

Hope 2018 is treating you well.  2017 was very nicely summarized by Wendy in this piece.  It was a very busy year, and 2018 looks to be very promising with the next expansion hitting the Alpha PTR in the first part of this year.


We have a ton of stuff to talk about this time around.  Go go go go…


Guild News


Discord is up and running, and by now everyone should have access to the plethora of content that Discord can offer us.  To be completely honest, many of the things that we would cover in a Bolstering Beat can now be shared in real time, which could lead to the end of my career as a Bolstering reporter… I doubt it, but it does make information much quicker to access.  If you have not joined the Discord Server yet, please do it!  There are many great text channels to take advantage of, like DAD JOKES and CAPS LOCK RAGE!  My personal favorite thing about Discord is that I can have a conversation (or post something that needs sharing) with anyone without having to log into one of the glitchy Blizzard apps!  Use it, have fun with it, and stay even more connected to what’s happening when you are unable to join the gang in-game!  I mean, how would you know that I felt the need to show everyone this video of Red Pandas?



Mythic Plus Dungeons appear to be something that members of the guild are doing fairly regularly with many folks pushing into the upper teens with their Keystones.  Content at that level is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid the M+ Madness!  There’s a certain joy that comes from getting a weekly chest in your Class Hall (even if more often than not, the gear is in a tier slot or legendary slot).  If you are looking to run a keystone, ask around in Guild Chat.  There are several people who can help with keys ranging from +2  up to +15, and it’s a great reason to get together in Discord and talk your way to victory.  And possibly your next Legendary on reset day!


After our Holiday break we have returned to Raiding with a full one-shot 11/11n run to start the new year!  Wednesday night raids are the Open run, which is our run that has minimal requirements and expectation.  The requirements are centered around giving everyone an opportunity to see Antorus on Normal difficulty… now there is a caveat, if we can not meet the ratio of DPS to Healers (or Healers to DPS) we may not be able to bring everyone.  If you have not raided with Bolstering, talk to Brad (Fisters, Snuggabear, Trueshot, I dunno the rest he has 300 toons XD) Lastly on Raiding, please, please, please be on time and ready to go!  We want to spend as much time in the raid as we can, not at the summoning stone waiting for people to log on!


Guild Points!  This year we would like to see us start racking up the points, that’s right Wendy, points!  If you’re running around Dalaran looking for something to do, take a peek at what achievements that can be worked on.  Right now, the Guild sits at 1920 and at 2000 points, we’ll get 10 more points!  Guild points is a way to show how much our guild can accomplish when we put our collective minds to something!  Go out and get the points!



General Guild meeting is scheduled for January 25th in Discord.  Sign up in-game on the calendar to help us shape our guild activities for the upcoming year!


World of Warcraft News


If you need a quick overview of what’s going this week in WoW, TradeChat has you covered with everything you need to know about what’s happening.


If you need a new mount that helps you accomplish things in and around Azeroth, Krucial gives 5 great mounts that are must haves!


Have you noticed some serious lag when loading in? Hazelnuttygames has 3 possible ways to help you get in-game faster.



Music to Rock Out to


Much like Bolstering, this edition’s feature artist is an American group featuring some Canadian content… We have 8 or 9 Canadians in our Guild, the feature artist only has one!  Obviously we’re more gooder (yup, gooder).   The thing that makes this choice even more entertaining is that the lead singer is best known for another career… Professional Wrestling!  Y2Jericho (Chris Jericho) as he was known is the lead singer of FOZZY!  2017 was an epic year for this band as they saw this song become their ‘Enter Sandman’ with it’s hooky up-tempo sound.  This edition’s track is Judas by FOZZY, enjoy!