Bolstering Beat 18: 7.3.5 is here!

IT’S HAPPENING!!!!!!  The 7.3.5 is being released as this is being written.  This is bringing a substantial quantity of changes to the game.  On top of that excitement, there are many thing happening in the guild that definitely deserve a bit of our time.  No time for idle chat today, straight to the news!




Bombeon (Tom aka BomSquadEOD, ) has started streaming on Twitch and is posting videos on youTube.  He usually runs a stream during our guild raids.  If you are not a raider, but interested in seeing how the night is going, give it a follow!  Unfortunately the Tube doesn’t really care for the way most raid cores talk to each other, so Discord has been taken out of the streams and uploads. If you are someone who uses Twitch, help him out and give him a follow!



Bolstering now 8/11H!  It looks as though we have started to get things sorted out in Heroic.  The mechanics are starting to smooth out, and things are dying!  We had to add a couple more friends for our run, but it was a very smooth run.  This one DOES have Discord sounds, you’ve been warned (Courtesy of Bombsquad)!


The only other thing about raiding that needs to be touched on is logs.  Logs are ALWAYS going to be run (unless something random happens and someone forgets to restart them).  Logs are a tool to see where we can get better at encounters individually and collectively.  They can tell you how you stack up against other people of your spec and ilvl, but our raids are about having a fun and clean run to the best of our abilities.  Moving forward, I am asking that folks not fixate on ‘their parses’ and focus on the mechanics at hand regardless of how it affects their throughput.  Let’s keep raids about killing bosses and not about our own damage and healing numbers please!


Don’t forget about the General Meeting on the 25th.  It will be an opportunity for everyone to talk about events that they would like to be a part of moving forward.  We will be looking for folks who have ideas to be willing to be involved in the development process.




The fine folks at Method have a very strong overview of most of the important things about the 7.3.5 release.  That’s right, they aren’t just good at raiding and pvp, they also put out good guides for everything happening in the game currently.


Battle for Azeroth should be pretty PvP focused, SoulSoBreezy gives us a few thoughts on how things may change for the next expansion.


Some final thoughts on Legion by Nixxiom.  Do you agree, disagree, or have your own opinion completely from what Nixxiom has here?  Share them in the comments or in the Social Channel in Discord!


Last but not least, Blizzard announced their 2018 gameplan for their World of Warcraft eSports.  Lore and Jeramy McIntyre discuss the details of how the competitive games are evolving for the upcoming year!


Music to make you remember the 90’s… 

I really wanted to feature the new Justin Timberlake track Filthy, but it is a bit more explicit than I like to keep videos for this segment.  If you want to check it out, do it of your own volition. It’s an interesting video, and the song is alright… His new album is coming out in February and features some songs that have tons of celebrities helping round out the album (including Pharrell and Chris Stapleton).  Anyway, uh the 90’s generated tons of Boy Bands and Girl Bands that evolved into all kinds of levels of succes… We aren’t gonna be celebrating ANY of those things here, but I’m giving you 2, that’s right, 2 songs that will make you laugh, reminisce and likely cringe over what the Boy Band craze of the 90’s was like.


There were so many amazing candidates, but band 5ive epitomizes the era.  Not only did they have limited long term success, but they also replaced the first letter of their name with a number.  So much cringe there!  Without delay, 5ive smash hit “When the Lights Go Out”


Hey fellow Canadians, you aren’t getting off the hook here!  It wasn’t only the Americans who had a band of brothers who made music and music videos… If you dig deep enough, the Canadian Mmmbop was this smash hit from The Moffatts… I’ll Be There For You.


Admit it, you enjoyed those jams… it’s okay… we promise not to make fun of you too much… probably!


Happy Reset, Happy 7.3.5!  Don’t forget to be asking around in guild if you need a hand.  Conversely, if you aren’t doing anything, offer to help someone else out with something they may need an extra set of hands for.