Bolstering Beat vol. 19: 7.3.5 reviews and more

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Bolstering!  We continue to raid, complete the weekly guild dungeons, and look to grow our ranks!  We also had a great general meeting where we looked at how to strengthen our guild event attendance.  But there’s more than that…


Guild News


There’s a new member in the Bolstering family!  Garrett and Hanna (Heyjim and Melirise) welcomed a baby boy into their family just before Christmas.  They send their love, but will most likely not be in-game much as they focus their attentions on their new family dynamic.  We’re all so happy for you folks!


We have a piece of roster movement to announce as well.  After careful consideration, Jake (Hyndruid) has accepted an offer to join Lisa and Gary as an Officer!  It’s a thankless job, but Jake is eager to help take on some of the super exciting tasks that need to be done… Like cleaning the guild bank!  Jake is known by most as the guy who tells Brad to fornicate himself, but there’s more to what he brings to this guild.  He’s one of the first to offer a hand with guild events, always willing to run content with people and one of the many who will just hang out in Discord and chat about whatever (seriously, we should be in there more).  We look forward to seeing Jake’s impact on the guild moving forward.


The raid week saw another full clear of Normal Antorus. The instance overall was a bit smoother up to Argus, who stuff proves to be a test of mechanics and damage throughput.  If you are looking for a great example of switching on the orbs phase, our own  BomSquadEOD delivers the entire raid from the first pull to the death of Argus (cinematics included).   Argus starts at the 1 hour 41 minute mark.  If you are looking for more details on the entire run, the Warcraftlogs are here.


Bolstering is coming up on it’s anniversary!  As a celebration, we have a relatively large event that will likely take most of a month to complete.  There will be prizes, and giveaways, but more importantly there are many different events that celebrate many aspects of what WoW has to offer.  Keep an eye on this website for more details!


Discord is seeing a bit more use, with regular comments to all-caps-rage, and many game updates being posted to show each other stuff.  It would be nice to see even more conversation in Discord… it’s a great place for linking youtube videos that make you laugh or help you complete an in-game objective, talk about everyday things, or stay connected while you are not playing (many guilds use this to catch up with their friends who are taking a break from WoW).


WoW news


If you are looking for an answer to the question ‘how does leveling with the new scaling compare to that of Classic WoW?’,  HeelvsBabyface has a video showing the leveling from 1-10.  It is a bit of a longer video, but the truly curious mind will enjoy the comparison.


The Overwatch League is underway.  If you aren’t an Overwatch player, this could be the video that makes you want to spend some time in that game.  It is very different from WoW, but it’s most certainly not requiring the grind that Warcraft requires.  All rewards are merely cosmetic, the matches are usually pretty short, and ultimately the game is won and lost 90% of the time by the team that knows the encounter better (knowing composition, maps, etc.).  The video here is from Overwatch League VODs, who have every match available to be watched.  Do you play Overwatch? Do you want to play?  We have a few people who do play regularly (Brad, Jon, Jake, Nick), ask around in guild if you want to play… someone may want to swap over and have a few laughs.

Taliesin & Evitel Do Games discuss the 7.3.5 patch in full.  They will tell you all about the amazing responses about several of the new pieces of content delivered.  No spoiler here, but everyone loved every—  No, it was a shit show, obviously!


The 7.3.5 unique event that was released by Blizzard was an item that allows you a title (the Postmaster), a battle pet, and a toy that allows you to summon a mailbox. One of the easier guides for this event that I’ve found has been Hazelnuttygames.  Be sure to check it out if you want to complete this questline.


With the weekly reset, TradeChat brings you a brief overview of everything happening for the week of January 23.


Songs to whistle when you Run Out of Time!


As per usual, I’m pushing this right to the absolute moment when I HAVE to leave for work or end up being late… So fittingly enough, only one song comes to mind… Foo Fighers with Rufus Taylor covering Rufus’s father’s song, Under Pressure, ENJOY!