Bolstering’s First Birthday!

February marks the one year mark for Bolstering!  We’ve been really busy, and Wendy has summarized most of our first year’s accomplishments in her New Year’s post.  It’s a great testament to the amazing people who have joined us in our assaults on the Legion!  Thank you everyone for your help and support over the last year, each of you makes the experience we have in World of Warcraft more fun!

Throughout the bulk of this post, we’re gonna /dance with some of the best animations out there!

To celebrate the first year, we’ve put together a fun event that is going to require each of you to do a little bit of everything in an effort to win some great prizes!  We’ve come up with a BINGO card full of things that we’re asking folks to work on finishing over the course of the month.  Obviously, no one expects you to do all of this for nothing… keep reading to hear about the prizes!


Click on the image below to be redirected to the google doc.  You can’t edit the document directly from this link, but you can save a copy and edit your own version of it as a reference piece, if you so choose.  Or you can print a copy and keep it by your keyboard.  Do whatever works best for you!


How to Play

The game has two components. The first objective is to complete a LINE (vertical, horizontal or diagonal).  This will result in being entered into the weekly draw.  The second objective is a FULL BLACKOUT (all squares completed).  The folks who accomplish this feat will be entered for the month end event.


Some of the activities require posting in Discord.  Make sure you identify who is in your group for these events (sometimes screenshots and S.E.L.F.I.E. can be blurry).


There are ‘mail items to someone’ tasks.  Those will be taken care of by the person that has collected the mail.


If the event has an Officer, GM or Senior Member involved, they will let us know you have completed the challenge (Oh, hey Senior Members, Officers and GMs you guys need to keep tabs on those things XD).



Prize Distribution

At the end of each week, anyone who has achieved a Line will be put in a draw for the weekly prize. Each week after that will also have a draw for anyone completing a line (it is stacking, which means each week after the first will result in more people in the draw).


February 6: Reins of Poseidus (aquatic mount).

February 13: 5 Battle Pet cache (Pierre, Pandaren Air, Water, Earth and Fire Spirits) .

February 20Steelbound Harness (mount), 30k gold, and a Drudge Ghoul (battlepet)

February 27:  100,000 gold.


February 28, anyone who has a blackout (all items accomplished) will qualify for a draw to win a Crimson Deathcharger (it looks like the DK class mount, and it’s pretty, and has great sound, and best of all, it’s rare).





Q: Hey GT, I can’t make it to an event that’s scheduled on the calendar, what do?

A: We’ll do our best to facilitate each of our guildies in their attempts to accomplish a black out. Where possible, we will ask around in guild when there are multiple folks needing a specific event and run an impromptu activity.  These will not be options every day, and most certainly will be done towards the end of the month when most scheduled events are completed.


Q: The events are vague in description, how do I do this?  

A: Some events are purposefully vague to encourage folks to ask questions, or look up answers.  Some of the events have a link to wowhead to guide you in the right direction, but not all of them.  Not sure what a Twan Bomb is?  Maybe ask Twan, betcha he knows!


Q: How are you keeping tabs on this event?

A; We have a Google Doc that is not pretty, but it’s functional.  Basically, if you give us the information we need, we can track everyone’s progress. The document will be updated as we are able, but it will not necessarily be kept up in real time.


Q: Can I do this on Alts as well?

A: Yes and No. This event is designed to not be repeatable but if you are interested in using a specific toon for a specific task, as long as it’s in the guild and we know it’s yours do eeet.  You should try to help others complete tasks once you’ve done them, but we will only be tracking one set per person.  And this means even if you have 2 accounts for yourself, you still only get to have one entry.  The idea is for everyone in the guild to have an equal opportunity to win some great prizes!


Q: What if one of the assigned people aren’t able to help me?

A: If something happens where someone is unable to complete their event (last minute RL obligations), a proxy guide will be announced for the event.  Don’t worry, even if it’s not the original host, you will get credit for it!


Q: I don’t want to spend money on another Blizzard game, and you are asking for a non-WoW Blizzard game… 

A: Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm are Free to Play.  Most of our Senior Members, Officers and GMs have most if not all of the Blizzard games.  Don’t worry about being bad, most of us are terrible at the other Blizzard titles, we just play them for laughs!


Q: What if we don’t have battle pets? 

A: Well, you can go out and start the battle pet adventure and acquire a couple of pets to start your stable. Once again, you are going to be competing against me, so don’t worry about wins and losses… I’m sure not!  If you are an avid collector, I may bring more challenging pets out, if you are not, I will bring fun looking pets to battle!


Q: Do I have to sign up for an event to participate?

A: No, the events are on the calendar to give everyone the information when the event coordinators are going to be available for more unique activities!  Just ask in guild for an invite, and you can show up and get your task done.  If you want to stick around and root for someone else, please do soo!  Or boo one of the GMs… your call!  We’ll be in Discord for each event to encourage some conversation.


Q: There are so many different things, why cram them into one month?

A: To create an event like this we had to think of everything we possibly could do to make this more than just a ‘go get stuff from the AH’ list.  If any of these events are really fun, and need to be done more frequently, let us know!  We’re always looking for different things to do beyond raiding and dungeons!


Happy Anniversary Bolstering.  We hope you enjoy this event!


Oh, I almost forgot, I have to give us a song to celebrate to… Uh, hmmmm… I know, with BfA now on pre-order, and with islands and all that stuff, we’ll look to ANOTHER legend of wrestling… THE ROCK (Dwayne Johnson) in You’re Welcome from Moana.  Maybe not as edgy as Chris Jericho, but it’s fun, but like it’s The Rock, and he’s singing, mostly!


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