Our Current State: Progression Raiding Update

I think it’s fair to say that, for the most part, Legion has kept us pretty busy for the better part of two years.  Sure, there has been the usual downtime but with building viable alts, pushing mythic keys, learning other specs and collecting the MULTITUDES of Legendaries, Legion can be considered a successful expansion with more consistent content than players have seen in awhile.  And with Battle for Azeroth being announced – an August 21st release date – we’re going to start to see players slowly start to drift and take a breath before the next big adventure begins.

So, what does this shift mean for Bolstering?

At this point, Brad has been our faithful (if somewhat sleepy) raid leader throughout this expansion; he has lead this rag-tag bunch of misfits through three AoTCs and had dedicated hundreds of hours to studying, learning, teaching and leading.  But he’s decided to retire from leading Progression Raids and focus on helping as many guildies through Normal Antorus until BfA launches.  The Sunday night Open Guild runs will continue as long as there is interest in running them and, who knows, maybe one of us will see the elusive Amanthul’s trinket drop.

This does mean, however, that we will be stepping back from hosting Wednesday night Progression Raids.  1) Interest in running this content continues to wane; 2) pugging prog raid content is frustrating and 3) we don’t have any prospect of a new Prog Raid leader.  There are still folks looking for their AoTC and others who are looking to continue to push heroic content but, unfortunately, Bolstering won’t be hosting heroic Antorus raids.  We wanted to make folks aware of this decision so that our guildies could make choices about how and where they want to spend the next few months.

We’ve always been a social guild at heart – encouraging all our members to play the game they want to play and to challenge themselves as much as they choose.  When Bolstering originated, we didn’t really have our sights on being a Progression Raiding guild but we had the player base for pushing content and we found that, as a team, we were able to achieve tremendous success in that arena.  As Bolstering has evolved throughout this expansion, our player base has changed.  Folks have gotten married, bought houses, had children, and a myriad of other reasons to step back from challenging gameplay.  We still believe that Bolstering is built with great people – and, as we put Progression Raiding on the back burner – we look towards building a more active and social community.

We know that, for some, a break is a much-needed respite.  We know that, for others, this news will be disappointing.  Believe me, this was a difficult decision and we know that there will be choices that guildies will have to make.  Our hope is that it will be the folks of Bolstering that will make you want to stay with us as we look to build another strong core heading into BfA.  There always comes a point where one must put away the past and look to the future – and what a future BfA looks to be!

We must take a moment to thank all the people who have pushed Progression Raiding content with us.  It has been a pleasure.

Thank you,