Bolstering Bolstering

(…and yes, that makes total sense)

As Battle for Azeroth draws ever closer, Bolstering continues to look towards the future and what this next expansion will look like for us all.  We certainly have a lot to look forward to but, in the meantime, what do we do right now? While some players continue to take this time to recover from defeating the Legion and imprisoning the threat of Sargeras, many other players are returning to the game. In the ‘inter-expansion lull’ that happens at this stage of every xpac, Bolstering is taking some time to consider where we want to go. And obviously, we want to move forward.  So, in an effort to continue to grow the guild and give new players a chance at the exciting content that many of us have already experienced, Bolstering is looking at what we need while still proposing some activities to keep us busy and building until that August 14th release date.


Friday Night Raids

We’re looking to generate a bit more weekend traffic in Bolstering and we figure that if we want people to be around, we need to give them a reason to be around.  So, we’re scheduling a normal Antorus run on Friday nights. Obviously we want this raid to be as full of guildies as possible but, if need be, we’ll fill with pugs and just see what happens.

As we continue to do regular guild invites, we’re finding a lot of folks who are either returning from some time away or who have just found themselves on the Legion’s doorstep.  So we want to provide an opportunity for these folks to get in and take their crack at Argus (and Sargeras).

It’s also a great time to work on gearing up some alts.  Sure, in three months, this gear won’t be worth any of the work you’ve done to get it, but having the gear will certainly make the early leveling experience on the shores of Zandalar a bit more comfortable.  Yes, we’re going to lose our artifact weapons; yes, we’re going to lose our legendary items, but a good gear set will serve you for a good long time questing through the Isles. Why not take a chance at setting yourself up for an easy run on more than one toon?  Especially if you’ve yet to decide what your ‘main’ will be for BfA.


Balance of Power

I, for one, will be sad to say goodbye to my artifact weapon.  I’ve enjoyed having just one, beefy weapon that I didn’t need to farm, that took great care of me and my travelling companions, and served me faithfully for almost 2 years.  Some of us even had weapons that kept us company with the odd complaint, surly insult or teasers about the end of the world!

And who hasn’t enjoyed all the transmog appearances that have emerged throughout the expansion?  From the original weapon you picked up at level 100, to the skin that came with completing the class hall and the mage tower – and the colors!  I guess it was all too good to be true for too long.

So, for those who are looking to complete their first Improving on History questline (Brad) or work their way through their third (Wendy), Bolstering is hoping to schedule regular ‘events’ to help guildies through this lengthy achievement for that swanky artifact appearance (for whatever ‘fishing poles’ we’ll be looting).  This means mythic runs, Emerald Nightmare runs, and Nighthold runs.

If you’ve got a toon for whom you just weren’t interested in doing that again or if you want to come and play with some guild folks, keep an eye on the calendar for BoP events.


Regular Guild Invites

We are looking for help in this department – from ALL our guild members.

During this lull – between the end of one xpac and the launch of the next – finding great people and great players is a real possibility.  But the reality is that folks tend to go where the action is. This period of time sees many guilds fold and we don’t want that to happen to Bolstering. In fact, we’d like to bring some of these folks into the Bolstering fold.  The stronger we are going into Battle for Azeroth, the more organized we will be in progressing into the bigger content. So we’re looking to keep a regular influx of new folks who we can get to know and help get ready for BfA. Most players will return to the game for the pre-patch (pre-launch) events which –  speculation suggests – will happen in early to mid July. Which really only gives us two months.

In the meantime, guild leaders are doing mass guild invites on an almost-daily basis.  We need your help in welcoming these new folks to the guild. Chat them up, use guild chat to talk with your other guildies, invite them to your daily heroic runs, invite them to LFR – anything that can help engage new folks into the guild that we all love to call home – is greatly appreciated. We can only be as strong as our membership, so if you want to see Bolstering grow and thrive, we need some of your energy to help make that happen.


Looking Forward

As we work to make efficient use out of the time we have left, we need to make sure we take the time to plan ahead.

Bolstering’s Co-GM and Legion Raid Leader, Brad, has decided to step away from Raid Leading for BfA.  This means that we’re actively looking for a replacement. Now we all know it will be impossible to ‘replace’ Brad but we do need a Raid Leader if we plan to raid as we did in Legion.  If anyone has interest in taking on this HUGE responsibility, please speak to either Brad or GT to make your intentions known. We have a few months to make the transition and, if Friday Night raids become a regular happening, this would be a great opportunity for a new Raid Leader to learn the ropes.  

We’re also looking for officers.  We want to provide some engaging and entertaining activities for Bolstering.  Gary takes care of the Monday Night Dungeon runs, Lisa helps with the day to day as well as hosting occasional transmog events – but we want more.  But in order to make more events happen in guild, we need folks who are willing to help plan and host those events as well as help with invites, member promotions, and a monthly officer meeting.  Interested in building something great? Let us know!


In Conclusion

We hope you all know how much it means to us that you’re a part of this guild.  We’ve seen our share of ups and downs throughout Legion and this ‘break’ gives us a chance to reflect on our successes and failures as guild leadership.  Most of the time, the folks who stay with us end up having a tough time walking away, and that’s because you all help to make this guild feel like a WoW Family.

We’re excited about BfA – absolutely – but we don’t want to lose sight of the opportunities that are still out there for us while we wait.  We hope you plan to stick around.