Raids are back!

G’huun is waiting for you!  After a few weeks of adjusting to life in Zuldazar, we will be heading into the heart of the beast and fighting and clawing our way thru the depths of Nazmir to defeat the Blood God.  As with all previous raids, Bolstering has come up with some criteria for joining the assault on Uldir.



For the opening raid of Battle for Azeroth, we are setting an item level requirement of 335 with 17 levels of Azerite Power.  Until this content becomes trivial, we will not be making any exceptions to these standards,  In addition, we are not going to be inviting Alts until fully clearing the raid is a regular occurrence.


Friendly reminder, Discord is mandatory.  Even if you have fully cleared the content a million times, you must be in Discord and able to hear/contribute to our discussions.  This does not mean a mic is required, but it does make it much easier.  If you do not use a microphone, you can still contribute by responding via text chat in the raid group.  If you have not set up Discord, or have issues with setting it up properly please reach out to any guild leader and they will be more than happy to assist you with it!  Our raids are meant to be about the social aspect of the game as much as they are about clearing the content.


Dates and TImes

Being the first tier of the expansion, we opened up our raid days to a vote in Discord.  It took some time, and a few coin tosses, but we have chosen SUNDAY and MONDAY as our raid days.  Raids will commence at 7:30 pm server on these days and end around 10:00 pm.  These 2 nights will be dedicated to Normal only (unless the content is too easy and people want more challenge).  If folks are looking to push into Heroic content, reach out to me (GT) and we can discuss the idea.



Once again we will do our best to provide feasts and cauldrons for guild raids, but come prepared with your own Pots, Flasks, Food and Battle-scarred Augment Runes.  The low drop rate of Anchor Weed and Midnight Salmon is hampering our abilities to make these items in the quantities that we would like to have on hand.


If you are a fishing guru or an herbal magician, please consider contributing some of your Anchor Weed and Midnight Salmon to help us stock up the bank for this tier!



Given the small number of spaces for Tanks and Healers, there is a chance that we may encounter a situation where we have more interest in these roles than spaces for them.  To ensure that no guildie is turned away from any guild raid, please be flexible and comfortable with at least 2 specs of your class.


Fair Warning

Sometimes we need to add players to fill out our roster.  Those players tend to have their own approaches to each encounter.  We will do our best to give them our strategy and encourage them to join us in Discord.  If they are actively skirting our raid strategy for the purpose of their ‘parses’, they will be removed without prejudice.  This will also apply to our own guildies with respect to skirting mechanics. If you are assigned to a specific group or task, please follow through on the assignment. It will make the encounter easier for everyone!



Raid Days and Times:  7:30 pm – 10:00 pm Sunday and Monday

ILVL Minimum: 335

Azerite Power Level: 17

No Alts

Discord required

Be prepared to use your own consumables, but we will supply what we are able to

Mechanics > Damage throughput