Bolstering Beat vol. 20: Uldir, M+, and more

Hey Folks!  Thought it was time to give a quick BB edition to discuss some of the ridiculous number of things happening this week in WoW.


Guild News


GM Change- When Bolstering was formed, Wendy, Brad and I (GT) decided that we would be taking on the role of GM equally.  Unfortunately the GM rank of a guild in WoW is only able to be held by one individual, so we concluded that we should rotate the role.  This allows each one of us a chance to step up and be the point of contact for everything, and then step back and focus on other parts of the guild.  Wendy has used her summer to lead Bolstering through an incredibly slow time of pre-pre-patch time through release (and through the time where GT & Brad had no idea about what to main). With BfA (and the school year) in full swing, it’s Brad’s turn to sit as GM.  Any of the 3 of us are more than happy to assist you with whatever we are able to… Even if Brad makes us /bow before him daily (j/k, we mostly /facepalm each other randomly).


Consumables- We have started to produce consumables for raiding.  We have Feasts prepared and will have Cauldrons for our opening night in Uldir.  We have started putting some additional consumables together for folks who may not have remembered to pick up pre-pots or whatever the situation requires.  Due to the low drop rates of things like Anchor Weed this expansion, we are actively looking for Herbalists who may have some herbs to help us out with supplying materials to the bank.


Alts- Most people who have played semi-regularly since release have managed to reach 120 and have started the gear treadmill.  A few of us have even started second characters (and I’m sure Bombeon is on his 3rd or 4th already).  There are many different add-ons that can make your experience quicker (WoW-pro, Zygor, Azeroth Auto Pilot). That said, my experience leveling with 2 other guildies was the fastest way to reach 120!  Not only do you have someone to chat with in Discord, you also have someone to help you kill the tougher mobs.  Are you planning to level up an alt? or multiple alts?  Ask around, someone else may be looking to group up and hammer out some levels!


Mythic Plus- The M+ season has begun!  To receive the maximum reward on Tuesday, all you have to do is complete a +5*.  Don’t forget about your guildies when you are running keystones, many of the great people around you want to run the content and won’t be upset if the instance isn’t super smooth.  Remember, unlike the original incantation of this content, the worst outcome is a key that is one level lower… and not a depleted piece of trash.  Get out there, have some fun in the content and earn some loot!

*+5 may be more difficult than the implication of ‘only’


Weak Auras- As someone who plays a lot of different classes, I’ve become reliant on having weak auras to deliver the most important information to me.  Sometimes I’ll make my own Auras, but most often it’s a lot of effort for something that someone else has already done better than I could.  I decided that my Ret Paladin needed more information than my base UI set up gave and downloaded the top Ret Aura.  That is what led to this screen shot I posted in Discord

Now I’m reminded that I’m not a smart individual every time I don’t have Inquisition active.  I don’t know how I actually feel about this, but it definitely gets the point across!


Raid Prep


Normally we post up an entire page with boss videos and other multimedia resources. After much time doing personal research, I’ve decided to NOT do this and let everyone find their own sources.  There are wonderful folks like Fatboss TV, Hazelnuttygames, and so many more who spend a ton of time developing boss encounter guides. If you just want the basics, there are 100s of guilds and individuals out there that put time and effort into producing their own Cole’s Notes versions like this one. or wowhead’s minimalist guide. Even if you are someone who learns best by doing, you should at the very least take a read through the adventure guide in-game and read over the basics of each encounter.  Reminder: We head into Uldir Sunday!  Bring pots, runes and whatever else you need to kill bosses and hopefully get loot!


WoW News


There’s so much speculation happening right now! Who is behind the Loa of Death?  What is going to happen with Sylvanas? Why is Anduin crying now?  Here’s a sampling of the speculations about Bwonsamdi from the man who never sleeps:

BellularGaming.  WARNING: Contains spoilers


Are you enjoying BfA so far?  Many streamers/youTubers are overall saying great things about BfA… but still speaking out about the things that they are not satisfied with to this point.  SoulSoBreezy delivers a rounded argument about what he’s liking and some things he’s not enjoying about Bifa.


If you need a quick laugh at the expense of WoW, Smosh Games gives you a somewhat satirical look at what the game is as an “Honest Game Trailer”.


And if all of that wasn’t enough for this week, Taliesin & Evitel Do Games have struck a balance between informative and fun to bring you a lore filled explanation of what Uldir is


Music to make you want to do all the things!


I have to admit that I always have some music going when I’m in-game which is why I end every Beat with a track.  Some times the track is topical, sometimes it’s just fun, and other times it’s because the song has just infected my brain!  This one is all 3!  It feels like it has been forever since we had all of this content being relevant (it’s been 3 weeks, I know), and I’m super excited… Which mean there’s no better option than the collaboration of Steve Aioki, Laidback Luke and Legendary UFC/Arena Announcer Bruce Buffer with ‘It’s time’.