Bolstering Beat vol. 21: Uldir vs. Bolstering

Greetings and salutations!  The first reset after the launch of BfA is happening as I type which gives me a chance to chat about a few things that have happened since the last edition of the Beat.


Guild News

Killing Bosses (6/8N):  Our first guild group runs of Uldir were Sunday and Monday this week (although some folks most likely went in on reset).  Some of these boss fights are pretty straightforward, and others…. yikes!  I think my favorite part of the whole raid this week was the overall Discord experience.  There was banter, and levity, and moments of coordination throughout the raid.  Normally our raids run from 7:30pm-10:00pm, but we’ve been having a bit too much fun and had to extend the runs to 11:00 on both nights.  Honestly, we were at ‘end time’ after one pull on Zul and had a 20% wipe… no one wanted to stop knowing we had the boss with a few more attempts.  Don’t forget to go through your logs to find your opportunities to improve for next week


Mythic Plus:  So how did everyone fare in week one of the Mythic Plus season?  I found it to be very different from Legion where you really didn’t realize it was M+ until the first affix kicked in at +4.  But hey, it’s cool, it’s meant to be tough!  May everyone who completed a key get some amazing loot in their chest… where ever the chests are!


Warfronts:  The Warfront scenario is up in case you haven’t completed it as of yet.  The scenario drops a 340 piece of gear for completion and a 370 piece for doing the quest.  The 370 is probably an upgrade for main toons and alts, but the 340 piece can titanforge.  Pretty sure Sacrasang picked up a sweet piece of gear from the Battle for Stromgarde!


The Daily Grind:  Bolstering has been around since February 2016 and have already managed to complete 75,000 daily quests!  The achievement reflects the state of the game, grind until you grind to grind some more grind.  Great work with doing your daily chores everyone!  Next up: 150,000… half way there, ugh.


World of Warcraft News


The first Balance patch of BfA is dropping today (September 11).  If you need a full overview, head on over to MMO-champion and take a look at what is changing with your class. If you want a little


If you are looking to gear up a fresh 120 (or possibly just another look at how to gear), MadSeasonShow has put together a guide for getting your 120 up to speed


Looking for a youTuber who brings a ton of content?  HeelvsBabyface gives an emphatic discussion about how he feels about warfronts.  His content covers a wide range of subjects from ‘can I solo this Legion dungeon’ to current content matters.



In case you didn’t hear, Method has raised the bar and decided that they will be streaming their Mythic progression.  Allcraft’s cast have a great chat with Main Tank/GM Sco and long term member Rogerbrown.  If you are interested in tuning in, the main Method channel on Twitch will be doing 24 hour coverage throughout their Mythic clear. In additon, Sco and a few other raiders will provide their PoV’s on their own Twitch streams.


Music to level Alts to

Most often when I’m in-game I have some kind of music in the background.  It’s usually Hip Hop or EDM (usually if I’m raiding or running keys).  When I’m leveling an alt or doing the dailies I tend to listen to things that are a bit more relaxed.  Luke Combs is someone who I gravitate towards when I’m looking for a Country artist. He’s not too traditional and also not too far into the Pop-Country side of things.  This go around I’ve selected Houston, We Got a Problem… although there are many other tracks of his that I would recommend if you like country!