Bolstering Beat vol. 22: Nice Try Ghu’un

Ello folks!  Once again it’s GT with some random thoughts for ya to go over.  The expansion seems to be starting to find it’s form which has led to more Alts starting to reach level cap and most people have started to establish a routine to help them reach their weekly goals.

In case you haven’t seen my offer, or heard my offer with regards to raid logs.  If you are a raider of any kind (can be LFR) and feel that you are not executing at the level you feel that you can, please reach out for some help!  All it takes is a set of Raid Logs and your gameplay can be tweaked to eek out a bit more damage.  Even if you feel that your throughput is exceptional, you can benefit from some time with Tyler, Brad or myself.  I will even give you a money-back guarantee.  IF your throughput does not improve by taking the steps that are recommended by one of us, we will refund the full amount of our FREE service!

Guild News

Greasy Ghu’un:  Funny story:  Bolstering dispatched the seventh boss of Uldir last Monday with around an hour and a half left in our raid.  We thought we could possibly get through Ghu’un given the amount of time we had.  Ghu’un had other ideas!  Somehow the nasty maggot managed to get into the main frame of the Instance Server for all of WoW and waste 45 minutes of our time trying to get back into the previous version of the instance.  Needless to say we ran out of time after a few wipes and were resigned to the fact that he would live one more reset Fast forward to this week.  Our Sunday Guild run was noticeably smoother than our previous week’s Sunday night as we rolled through Mythrax with enough time to take a couple of shots at Ghu’un. Unfortunately we were unable to dunk the Orbs consistently enough to have a one night clear.  On Monday we grouped up, found a few addition folks from other servers and settled in to finally end Ghu’uns winning streak.  It wasn’t the prettiest of kills, but we did manage to reach 8/8N this week. Future of Raiding: Given that Uldir is starting to get a bit easier and soon enough we will be doing a one night full clear, we will need to look at what’s next for raiding.  This may include a slight adjustment to the raid nights, the content difficulty, or even raid requirements.  Keep an eye open on Discord for more details. Unsurprising Re-Roll:  For anyone who hasn’t noticed, I spent ALL of last week leveling my Hunter with eyes on being Raid ready for this upcoming weekend.  With a ton of support from guildies, I was able to breach 335, Azerite level 17, and get a few boss kills in Normal Uldir this week.  With that said, Outtafocus is now my main. I will be trying to keep Helligdritt current as well so that we have alternate tank solutions but it’s back to the Hunter for this guy!

WoW News

The master of maschinima,  Nixxiom has a theory about what is going to happen once Classic WoW launches.  Is Classic something you look forward to playing? Not having played Vanilla myself, I will probably check it out.  Honestly the ‘back in Vanilla’ stories have soured my interests in playing it… but yeah, I’ll play it just to see it!
Finally, someone has come along and explained what Island Expeditions are supposed to be.  Kelani (SignsOfKelani) has a thorough investigation into what he has seen as the REAL way to get the rewards that come from Islands.  Turns out it’s not just kill you take your things as fast as possible!
This may not be at the same level of insanity as Agentzero and his Pandaria starting zone leveling, but MadSeasonShow shows an alternate path to 120. I’m actually considering this for one of my characters that I play really, really poorly (The Mage with the sickest mog ever).
If you feel like you are out of the loop with what happened this week in the game, SoulSoBreezy has you covered with his take on the events of the week.

Music to Listen to because YOU PEOPLE MADE THIS HAPPEN!

I asked around the guild for a Rock song that was upbeat, and /crickets.  Unfortunately Wendy was the only one to even suggest a song of any kind.  So, uh, as punishment for the lack of responses, your song to listen to for this edition is… BLUE by EIFEL 65, enjoy, or don’t… this didn’t have to happen this way!